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Aella Credit Review | How it works


Aella Credit Review

What is Aella Credit

Aella Credit is its an instant loan app that gives an unsecured loan to its user, Loan without collateral or paper works.


Aella Credit makes it easy for employees in our network to access cash at the most competitive rates anytime, anywhere. Our application requires only your Name and employee ID number.

Receive your loan straight to your Bank Account in 2 minutes or less. Get your company to sign up now and download the app. It will change the way you borrow.

With the new update, we have opened up our system to cater for everyone. Getting access to credit should be easy; get registered and update your profile. Cash in minutes if you are eligible.

Employees in our network enjoy higher loan sizes and lower interest rates. Talk to your HR to get your company onboard here:

About Aella Credit

Aella Credit is simply a financial institute that gives loans to members of a company who are registered with them.

They pride themselves to have given out over 300k loan and have imparted over 200 lives.

How Does Aella Credit Work

Download and install Aella credit apk app on google play store, open the app and register, fill in the forms and receive your money. Yes, its that simple.

How to get a Bigger loan from Aella credit

  • Start by taking your first loan, repay on time, and you’ll automatically be eligible for a higher amount on your next loan.
  • Borrow 3 more times and repay each on time, over at least a 3-month period, and get reduced interest rates subsequently
  • You’re already a superstar borrower here – so all you have to do to get more points is share your story with us!
  • Now you can get access to our In-Network loans which have even higher amounts, better rates, and longer tenors – simply bring your employer on board.
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Aella credit address

To contact Aella credit please email them


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