Amazon Prime Day 2020: news about the upcoming shopping marathon


Due to the Corona crisis, Amazon had decided to postpone the usual event in July. But now there are reports about a new date.

Several US sites have received hints that indicate a new date for Amazon’s shopping spree. As The Verge reports, the event will take place on October 13th and 14th, 2020. Amazon’s official announcement is allegedly coming on September 27th.

CNET is also talking about a launch on October 13th, but does not want to commit to a specific duration. The last Prime Day ran over a period of two days.

Another indication of the shopping event is a separate internal email that The Verge claims to have seen. In said email, Amazon told its warehouse workers that it won’t accept new vacation requests. This is said to be in effect from October 13th to 20th, indicating that Amazon needs all available hands during this period to process the expected orders.

Amazon Prime Day: Official confirmation is still pending

An official confirmation by Amazon is therefore still pending. The company only wanted to confirm that Prime Day would take place in the 4th quarter this year. A company spokesperson said that Amazon customers can use an Alexa device to get the latest information on Prime Day.

The Verge suspects that Amazon will try to separate Prime Day from Black Friday sales as much as possible. It is expected that the first deals for Black Friday will start on October 26th and will then be valid for several weeks.

It is also possible that Amazon could reveal information about Prime Day at the virtual event that will take place on Thursday, September 24th. However, new hardware and services are expected to be the main part of this event.

According to analysts, Prime Day is said to have generated revenues of around USD 6 billion last year. That event however was also accompanied by a strike of Amazon’s employees to draw attention to the working conditions in the warehouses. In 2019, Prime Day took place on 15th and 16th July. This year, Amazon had decided to postpone the July date due to the Corona crisis.



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