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On the category Gadgets, we will post all new gadget release on 2018, we will be writing reviews and were to buy them here.

nubia Red Magic 3

Gadget Phone Tech

Gaming Phone that record 8K video and has built-in cooling fan

This is not the first phone to possess the function of a built-in cooling fan, we have seen such in ASUS and Black Shark. The Chinese brand Nubia revealed the Red Magic 3 which not just packs a “fluid cooling” copper heat pipe, yet in addition an inside cooling fan. This little fan is said […]

Dart Pro Clippers


The New Dart Pro Clippers

Dart Professional hair clippers have one of the best performance when it comes to hair clippers. Designed and produced by Remedix UK Limited, this clipper is essential if you plan to get the best haircut without bumps occurring later on. Normally, it’s difficult to get choose the best clipper you need either for home use […]

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Gadget Microsoft

The New Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Review

What Is Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Microsoft surface laptop 2 is the second version of the surface laptop which was introduced by Microsoft in 2017. on this post, we are going to look at the distinct features of this beautiful piece of gadget. Introduction of Microsoft Surface Laptop Microsoft is a popular company and one of […]

dextres virtual reality gloves,


Imaginary gloves that makes virtual reality feel more real

What is dextres Virtual Reality Gloves Dextres Virtual Reality Gloves is a glove designed to let virtual reality gamers touch and feel in the gameplay.   Virtual reality has been a spreading the world like fire although it has the limitation of touch which doesn’t equate touch in real life. This brings the idea of […]

What To Do When Your Laptop Computer Has Been Hacked

Gadget How To Phone Tech

What To Do When Your Laptop Computer Has Been Hacked

We are discussing the topic: What To Do When Your Laptop Computer Has Been Hacked Purchasing a device, be it Computer or smartphone, is a good and exciting thing. See your device misbehaving or malfunctioning is something that makes us feel bad. Recently I purchased an android phone, I don’t how virus manages to attack […]

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