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How To Change Twitter Email or Update Twitter Email

How To Change Twitter Email or Update Twitter Email


There are several reasons why you want to update your email on Twitter, it could be because the Twitter request for an email update or you have lost access to the previous email you provided during twitter registration.

Whatever reason may have, what we know is that you are reading article because you want to gain knowledge on how to change your email on twitter.

follow the simple steps below:

How To Change Twitter Email

  1. go to twitter settings, click on accounts ( at the left-hand side of your screen), you will see the box labeled Email, clean the email there and write the one which you want to change to, scroll down and save.

Follow the picture steps below,

Click on profile and setting, to access the settings and privacy set up


input your email in the box as shown on the image



When you click SAVE button, a pop up will come up requesting you to put your password. Insert your password and you’re done.


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