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How to Confirm Your Twitter Account

How to Confirm Your Twitter Account


If you have opened a new twitter account or you suddenly started seeing confirm your account, and you did not receive a confirmation email below is what you have to do.

What causes this notification to pop up is because the email address you have provided during registration is wrongly typed ( for a new account) or The email which you have been using stopped functioning or stopped receiving email notifications.

The easiest way to fix this error is by updating your email.

How to update your twitter email

  1. You log in to the affected account, click on setting, and click on account at you left-hand side of the screen. you will see the box with the label Email, if it is blank type in your correct email, scroll down and save, it will prompt you to put your password, put it to complete the change.
  2. For old twitter account, in the email box, you will see your email which has stopped receiving notifications, change the email to a new one and save the change.
  3. After saving the change, click the resend confirmation email, the new email you provided will receive email, accept the confirmation and you are good to go.

See Picture steps below.

How to Confirm Your Twitter Account

Click on profile and setting, to access the settings and privacy set up


How to update your twitter email

input your email in the box as shown on the image

confirm twitter account



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