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How To Create a Facebook Store – Facebook E-commerce Store

We are discussing the topic: How To Create a Facebook Store – Facebook E-commerce Store


We will begin with the explanation of Facebook store, its simply the marketing of your products, here you don’t get to own a physical store but having a store on Facebook. It works through the Facebook page which is dedicated as a store and not your random pages that you own.

The first step to begin your journey in the social media giant platform is to create a page, there are tabs also in the page and the store have to be one of the tabs. Facebook really made it easy for page admins to achieve their dreams and for customers too to purchase what they need with just a few clicks. Gone are the days when you have to set up an E-commerce website and share the link on your page to get them to your website, now its super easy and doesn’t cost anything to set it up in your page.

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Steps On How To Create A Facebook Store

We are going to go through them and please take note of the steps that will be discussed below its simple and easy;

  1. The first step to take is to install a third party Facebook store app on your Facebook page, this would appear just below the cover photo of your page where you can see other options such as Like, Follow and Share.
  2. There’s a drop-down menu you have to click on to find the store option.
  3. The good thing about this is that the Facebook store can be customized so that people can easily see it on your page.
  4. Right there in your page, at the top right corner of the store app click on the pencil icon, you will be asked to choose the app you want to swap it with.
  5. You can change the title if you wish by simply clicking on the pencil icon, then tap edit settings after editing click on save.
  6. The same thing is done when you want to change the image but the only difference is that you have to click on Custom Tab Image after clicking on edit settings.

Importing of Products

Another thing we are to consider now is the importation of your products to your Facebook store. Its a third party app that crawls your website where you have your products and synchronizes your selected products to your Facebook page which makes it more convenient for customers to easily buy from.

  • After the points above, click on the drop-down menu to change the status to FrontPage to make it easier for customers to visualize it, But remember the position of the store can be dragged to different positions.
  • Next thing is to click on Front Page at the top of the screen and that’s all.
  • Also, remember that to make it with the Facebook store you must keep your fans engaged to enable Facebook page talking about us improve at a very better level.
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