Imaginary gloves that makes virtual reality feel more real

dextres virtual reality gloves,

What is dextres Virtual Reality Gloves

Dextres Virtual Reality Gloves is a glove designed to let virtual reality gamers touch and feel in the gameplay.


dextres virtual reality gloves,

Virtual reality has been a spreading the world like fire although it has the limitation of touch which doesn’t equate touch in real life. This brings the idea of the light VR gloves which was invented by scientists from EPFL and ETH Zurich.

Details of  dextres Virtual Reality Gloves

Dextres which is the name of this glove shows up in a nice and simple way. It weighs less than 8 grams per finger, 2mm in thickness and is powered by an electric cable which is thin in appearance. It was designed from a nylon material and contains thin elastic metal strips that run over the fingers. What’s special about the metal strips is that it is separated by a thin insulator which tends to react each time the user makes a contact with any object in the virtual reality.

The good part or function of this reaction is that when it occurs an onboard controller applies a shock to the metal strips and this makes them join with each other. When this happens it produces a braking force that stops the fingers from moving which shows a virtual object has been touched. When the hand is removed from the object in the virtual world the voltage is removed and the movement continues again.

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Dextres Vr Gloves Human Connection

Building such equipment isn’t easy concerning the complexity of man. Let’s read a statement from this scientist;

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“The human sensory system is highly developed and highly complex. We have many different kinds of receptors at a very high density in the joints of our fingers and embedded in the skin. As a result, rendering realistic feedback when interacting with virtual objects is a very demanding problem and is currently unsolved. Otmar Hilliges, head of the Advanced Interactive Technologies Lab at ETH Zurich.

We hope there will be more improvement on this and the good part is that it has helped to remove pumps and thick cables.

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