Download Grammarly’s browser extension (Add-on) – Write Good English Blog Post with Glammarly

Write Good English Blog Post with Glammarly

Download Grammarly’s browser extension (Add-on) – Write Good English Blog Post with Grammarly


Write Good English Blog Post with Glammarly

What is Grammarly

Grammarly is a powerful tool a blogger or a freelancer must have on his system. Writing good grammar take lots of precaution and carefulness, this why the owners of this great app, put their heads together and come up with this app to assist you and help you correct your English grammar. Grammarly comes as add-on or browser extension.

Features Of Grammarly

Grammarly goes where you go

Grammarly’s browser extension helps you write mistake-free in Gmail, Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, Linkedin, and anywhere else you write on the Web. Simply hover over any word with an underscore to correct a mistake.

Advanced tools at

Use to write a document, or upload your existing documents, and instantly check for grammar, punctuation, contextual spelling mistakes, and much more.

Real-time checking

Your text is being checked automatically as you type or work with an uploaded document. Grammarly monitors all activity in the editor pane and checks any edits you make.

Make corrections in one click

A correction card is shown to the right of the text, allowing you to correct a mistake in one click.

How To Install Grammarly

1). Search for the word “Grammarly” on your search engine to access the official site, or click HERE

2). The addon can work in almost all the existing desktop browsers

2). The Site may require you to register or you can download the app straight up and do the registration on the app before using.

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3). Make sure you register with the app, because, during registration, the App will require you to choose the type of English which you wish to use for writings and spelling check, You can choose between UK English and American English.

4). You Are Good to go.

How to Use Grammarly

To use Grammarly is very simple and self-explanatory. Grammarly works differently on a different browser. On google chrome, it seems to work perfectly more than Mozilla.

On Chrome browser, while typing on any surface, be it your social media or blogging dashboard, you will notice a thick red line under any miss spelt word or wrong punctuations, take your cursor to that word, Grammarly will bring up corrections and suggestion for the word or sentence you can click and the mistake is corrected. see picture below.

Grammarly error

Thos words Underlined with red lines, is not an English word, or it is a miss spelled word and wrong punctuation.

On Mozilla Firefox, You will not notice any read line on the wrong word or sentence, but Grammarly places a counter below your typing interface, which counts the grammar error. After making your complete post and notice that the error count is read and show some number of errors you need to correct, simply click on the counter and a pop-up interface come up show you all the errors, click on it to correct the words or sentence.

The second step works in all the browsers. see picture below.

grammary error count

The error on this post is 30 as indicated by Grammarly


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You can use Grammarly on your Microsoft word and the entire system, just log in to your Grammarly dashboard and click on apps to see all the apps you can download that will support any platform on your PC.


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