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Download Like Music Video App, How to Install Like A Crazy Video App

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We are discussing the topic: Download Like Music Video App, How to Install Like A Crazy Video App

Like video app

The Like is the trending music app that is keeping the app store really busy this year 2018. Like comes with special musical effects which you can use to transform the music playing on your background to something amazing, like a Big stage, bobbles and lots more.

The Like combines videos with augmented reality effects, to create “music magic.”

How “LIKE” Function

The Like music app shares close functionality with other musical apps like or Dubsmash or a few other social music apps in the store. The user selects a song from the list of popular songs, which you can use as a soundtrack for your fun creations.

The App record videos that can be shared with the app or other social media.

The stand out is that Like is loaded with lots of special effects you can use to transform and make your videos fun. There are Snapchat like face filters and voice changing effects, but there is also an impressive array of augmented reality effects.


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Statement from the official Instagram app ”

  • like_app_officialGuys, the new version of LIKE with the new feature of 4D magic effect have launched in google play store!! It will just make your video have more and more fun, upgrade and try now!!
    For IOS users, new version will be launched in apple store within 3 days, have some patient~
    #likeapp #like4Dmagic
    For the android user, you can upgrade and try this new feature already! What are you waiting for? Come and join this new 4D magic world now!

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The app has a special “4D Magic” effects, that lets you transform the video for your background into something totally fun and new. You can tweak your video by adding simple animations — like bubbles or twinkling stars — or big explosions an exact moment in your video.

Or you can change your background in such a way that your bedroom suddenly transforms into the surface of the moon — face swap, and add other “magic effects.”

like valentine


The application’s blend of a library of famous music, enhancements, and simple to utilize interface has officially turned out to be a hit. The application as of late came to the App Store’s best 10, in the wake of spending half a month as one of the best photograph and video applications.

If you are yet to get the App on your phone, download now. Android and IOS


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