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How To Drive Traffic To Your Facebook Page

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We are discussing the topic: How To Drive Traffic To Your Facebook Page, Drive Traffic To Your Facebook Page


How To Drive Traffic On Your Facebook Page


Knowing how to drive traffic to your Facebook page is important for the growth of whatever you share on that page. With more than 500 million active members, it has turned out to be a place you have to take very seriously for any type of business you want to grow. Getting your business in front of the large audience starts with your Facebook page.

How To Generate Traffic To Your Facebook Page

We are about to discuss the ways to generate traffic to your Facebook page, please note that apart from the method of payment don’t overdo the rest of the other methods to avoid spamming.

  • First, always publish on your Facebook page multiple times per day, it helps draw the attention of new people to Like or Follow your page and to keep those already there hooked to your page.
  • Promote your Facebook page on other social networks. For example, if you have a large number of followers on Instagram or Twitter then it’s a good avenue to promote your page.
  • An advertisement is one of the best ways to get traffic to your Facebook page. Paying Facebook to promote your page really have a great impact on your page. You can either pay for Likes or post promotion, this is where you see increase people talking about your page or number of people reached.

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  • Promoting your page through Facebook Groups is also a powerful strategy. The way to do this is very simple but I will first tell you how not to do it. Don’t go around sharing your website links in every Facebook group it may lead to the admin blocking you or deleting you from the group, though it works for some people it’s not always the right. So how do you achieve this? join the Group through your Facebook page, this means any post or comment you add to the Group, what others will see is the name of your page which will prompt them to check out your page.
  • Lastly, you can promote your page on your blog. If you own a blog that has a reasonable traffic simply add the Facebook Like widget by the side of your blog, it will prompt the visitors to Like your page or even check it out in Facebook.
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