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Search for Emoji with Emojipedia | New Emoji Search Engine


We are discussing the topic: Search for Emoji with Emojipedia | New Emoji Search Engine


The webmasters have brought something new to us in form of search engine. This time it’s a search engine that can be used to search for your favorite emoji’s. Emojipedia is a search engine like google and yahoo search that focused their crawler to searching for the only emoji and showing us all the new emoji hitting our smartphone and another device in no distant time.

self-proclaimed emoji search engine as referred by Mashable has recently given an insight on what to expect in mid 2018 from iPhone and other smartphones.

Emojipedia on the recently released video has shown 157 emojis which have been released this year 2018 and it is expected to hit our device in few month ahead.

If you are emoji freak, you don’t have a choice but to be excited because more new funny faces and animals are coming your way soon. Another wow emojis emerging is the body parts emoji like a leg, hang, head, ear etc.

According to, the new 157 emoji release has moved up the number of approved emojis to 2,823.

The new emoji has been designed to function well with the latest IOS or Android version, to use them your phone must be up to date.

Emoji 11.0 today reached its final form and includes emojis for redheads, curly hair, superheroes, softball, infinity, kangaroo and more.

To view the complete list of the new 157 emoji watch the video below or visit the emojipedia to view the list.

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New Emojipedia video clip




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