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How To Disconnect Apps From Your Facebook Account | Facebook App Disconnection

disconnect app on fb

We are discussing the topic: How To Disconnect Apps From Your Facebook Account, Facebook App Disconnection


Facebook has been made the simplest way to login to some other websites and app. When you are login using your facebook, facebook share your information with the site by prompting you to give it permission to do so, after which, the site connects with Facebook to share data like, your Name, location photos etc. Meanwhile we discussed how to stop getting annoying notification from facebook, if you missed read here.

How To Disconnect Apps From Your Facebook Account

Even when you don’t use a particular connected app anymore, it will still be collecting information from your Facebook account. learn how to turn it off below.

 Log in to your Facebook account on your desktop, mouse over Apps on the left side of the screen, and click More.

1. Click the Settings button at the top right side of the screen to go to settings.

Facebook App Disconnection

2. On the left click on apps to see which apps are connected to your Facebook account.

FB app visibility settings

3. To disconnect an app on that list, move your mouse over it and then click the X button that appears.

disconnect app on fb

4. You’ll then see a dialogue box prompting you to remove the app. Click Remove, and you’re finished.

disconnect app on fb

Once the app is disconnected, it will stop receiving new information from your account. It will, however, still have the information that it had previously collected. If you want the app to delete that info, you’ll have to contact the developer directly.

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