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How to Control Who Sees The Apps You Use On Facebook | Facebook app privacy settings

fb app privacy settings

We are discussing the topic: How to Control Who Sees The Apps You Use On Facebook | Facebook app privacy settings. To read more tutorials on facebook click here.


Online security and privacy is something of importance to me, FB is an app that is doing really great to impress its users. for doing so, they tend to incorporate all the features they see on another app to Facebook, so as to make the users find all the pleasure in one place.

To impress, Facebook is exposing its user’s privacy. Something you may want to keep to your self, you will be amazed to hear your friends telling about it and when you joined the activities.

Imagine joining a romantic adult website, and took the fast login using your Facebook, before you know whats going, facebook has burst your ass, telling your friends on FB that you just joined this app. You can see how embarrassing that could be.

To save yourself, from all these embarrassments, below are a few steps you can take to stay secured and keep your online activities private.

How to Control who sees the apps you use

1. First login to Facebook on your desktop Web browser.

2. On the left side of the screen, mouse over Apps and click More. You will see a list of the app you connected with your facebook.

3. Go to the top right corner of the Facebook desktop, click on settings.

Facebook app privacy settings

4. On the left-hand side, look for apps and click on it.

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Facebook app privacy settings

5. You will see all the apps you have logged in with your Facebook or you have linked to Facebook.

FB app visibility

6. Move your mouse to the app you want to stop it from sharing notification on your timeline and click on the pencil icon beside it.

7. click on edit, a pop-up window opens, click on App visibility and post audience, where they wrote PUBLIC and change it to only me. picture steps below.

FB app visibility

FB app visibility

8. The save.


Use the same step for all the apps you wish to stop from sharing notifications on your timeline.

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