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Facebook Business Manager | How To Make Use Of Facebook Pages Manager App

We are discussing the topic: Facebook Business Manager – How To Make Use Of Facebook Pages Manager App



The question in our mind is what is Facebook Business Manager? and also how do you use the Facebook pages manager app. We are going to take them step by step. Facebook pages manager app is a nice app which enables you to manages all your pages with ease without having to be clicking from one page to another searching for any of your pages to update. The sole aim of the app is to make page admins manage all their pages in one place.

Some other features in this app are that you can switch between accounts, view list of pages and overviews of their pages insight. Lastly, it’s very nice for posting pictures and also nice for business users.

How To Make Use Of Facebook Pages Manager App

This app is simple and straightforward to use. There is list of pages you own that you can choose from to see its content. Choosing any of the pages takes you to the page posts that you posted where you can see the number of people reached and people talking about it.

Through this app, the users can update their pages by simply selecting the filter at the top-right corner. How do users see the details of their posts? click on metrics highlighted by the grey bars, it will take you to overviews of those posts in terms of reach, engaged users, and people talking about this.

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The next aspect is deleting posts using this great app. Tap the back option and it will take you to posts in your pages, this is where deleting of posts is possible, place your finger on the posts and slide to left or right direction.

The page insight dashboard is also a very important feature you can find here because it shows the users their total likes, people talking about this, weekly total reach, a mini-graph and most performing posts. Through this app the users also the admins in the pages.


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