Facebook Swap Buy And Groups | Facebook E-commerce Business

facebook buy sell swap groups

Facebook Swap Buy And Groups | Facebook E-commerce Business

Buy Swap Sell Facebook Group | Buy Sell Swap Page

facebook buy sell swap groups

Facebook E-commerce Business is really taking over the Facebook community, people have discovered the ability of Facebook and has started taking advantage of social media to make huge money out it. Most of the well know entrepreneurs are who deals with buying and selling of digital and physical products are seriously enjoying the use of Facebook groups and fan pages to market their good and service.

On our previous post we talked about facebook marketplace, where and how to download, its the bigger platform of buying and selling group created by Facebook, but the sweet thing about the Facebook Swap Buy And Groups is that they have more people from your locals who have one thing or the other to trade.

On the post, we going to center our discussion on Facebook Swap Buy And Groups and pages where you can join and start making sells. Buy sell swap groups have proven to be the best marketing medium to your locals and it is a targeted platform where users with a common interest meet to sell, swap and discuss business ideas.

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What is Facebook Swap Buy And Groups

Facebook Swap Buy And Groups are groups created by individuals/Facebook users with the aim of gathering people within a locality to exchange goods and services.

Their many swaps buy and sell groups on a Facebook platform which you are free to join. To enjoy the best practice of this feature, you will have to find a swap buy and sell group with your locality and join.

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How To Sell On Facebook Swap Buy And Groups

The best time to start selling on facebook buy sell and swag groups/ pages are now. Without wasting much time join a large number of facebook entrepreneurs who are recently taking advantage of this feature to make your sells. Follow the following steps to start selling:

  • Click on the publisher which is the little text under the group cover photo
  • When you click in it, the sell something box opens
  • Explain the items you are selling on the WHAT ARE YOU SELLING option, You are limited to 100 characters, so you have to make use of this wisely to aptly describe what you are selling to your buyers
  • Add the price of what you are selling, location, description, and photos as prompted by Facebook.
  • You can then decide to post listings to the buy and sell the group as well as the marketplace; by default, Facebook assumes you will want to post listings to both platforms. If you don’t want to, you can deselect the marketplace on the menu at the bottom of the SELL SOMETHING button. The menu also gives you the option to post listings to other buy and sell groups you belong to.
  • –Once you are done adding the necessary info, you can then click the BLUE POST button to post your listings. Facebook will notify you of any comments or messages from interested buyers on the listing you posted.
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How To Buy Items On Facebook Swap Buy And Groups

buying items from Facebook buy and sell groups is as easy as joining the group, browsing the items or product displayed for sale or swap, click on them, contact the seller and complete your transactions.

Swap sell buy group has the same features with Facebook groups; the major difference is the title, purpose of the group and the publisher defaults to sell something rather than starting a conversation.

  • You can see a preview of the items on sale under the publisher.
  • You can scroll down the page to check out recent listings, listings are just items posted by sellers in the group as items they wish to sell.
  • You can also comment on posts to ask about price and pick up locations if they are not already available on the listings of the items on the post.
  • If you are really interested in buying an item from the seller, you can click the MESSAGE SELLER button to message the seller directly and conclude transactions.
  • You can also access items for sale in the group by clicking the ITEMS FOR SALE link in the left-hand menu. This will enable you to view all the lists of items currently for sale in the group. You can choose which item you want to buy, contact the buyer and purchase the item directly from the seller.

How To Find And Join Facebook Buy, Swap And Sell Groups

Like I said previously,  the practice to get the nest out of swap buy and sell groups is to search for the groups with members withing your locals and join them. Joining groups that are not for your locals will make logistics difficult and cost intensive. To join such groups, follow the steps below:

  • You can look for buy, swap and sell groups in your area on the Facebook search box, simply enter the correct catchphrases for your areas and distinctive buy and sell groups in your area will spring up in the indexed lists.
  • Simply click JOIN GROUP and sit tight for an administrator to approve you within 24 hours before you can turn into a part and begin selling. When you have joined the group, comparable buy, swap and sell groups will spring up, join more to begin selling in the groups as well.
  • You can look at the groups, from the about area; you can get the chance to see individuals’ profiles and become more acquainted with the sort of individuals in the group. In the event that they coordinate the sort of buy and sell group individuals, you are searching for, you can join the group. It’s generally a smart thought to sell in groups in your neighborhood you can grow on the off chance that you wish.
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If you have products, goods, services, fairly used items you want to swap, sell or buy from or to someone within your localities, facebook swap sell and buy group is the place to carry out these transactions.

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