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Find your secret crush using Facebook Dating app

Find your secret crush using Facebook Dating app

Find your secret crush using Facebook Dating app

Now you can find your secret crush using Facebook dating app. At Facebook’s F8 2019 developers conference, the company made a statement about Secret Crush, a new feature that will allow you use Facebook Dating to express interest in someone from your friends on the site.

What brought about this new feature according to Facebook is that users believe there’s a chance to explore romances within their own extended circle of friends on the social media platform. Using the secret crush feature, you will be allowed to choose up to nine Facebook friends who you may be interested in. This people you selected will get a notification only if they’re on the dating service and they will be aware someone has a crush on them.

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Here’s the interesting part of it, according to Facebook if your crush isn’t on Dating and they don’t opt into the feature or put you on their list, “no one” will know that you’ve entered a friend’s name.

This service isn’t available yet for all country.

Facebook Official dating app

The  new facebook dating app has been designed to savage the abuse of facebook dating features. Most poeple have abuse the facebook connect with people and this has cause fb management to increase their policy on meeting new people on the platform.

They have gone futher to introduce a platform called facebook dating which possess all the dating app feature and it designed strictly for dating and its not all country has the ability to use it yet.

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Where to find facebook dating app

To join facebook dating app, please click Here

Ways To Find Your Date On Facebook 

How to find a date on Facebook is simple and also technical. There are ways to achieve this which will be listed below but also remember the purpose of the website is to meet your friends and get updates from their status and also pages and groups, this makes it not to be that easy to achieve your dating aims. Let’s take each of the points one after the other.

  1. What makes you unique in this social media giant is your own personal profile. Having a profile filled with nice pictures that are shot with a good camera and even your composure in the picture tells a lot about you.
  2. Profile information is also very important, you don’t have to lie about yourself because it tells a lot about you.
  3. The third point in the Facebook dating advice is important, being friendly changes the whole game here. Dropping a beautiful comment on his/her picture doesn’t really work that much this days, instead, try to meet a friend of her that’s same sex with you and make friends with him. From this point plead with him to make a formal introduction, it will make your task a lot easier.
  4. Send her a friend request at this point after you must have completed the points above and I bet you she will accept.
  5. Don’t rush into telling her how you feel about her, first of all, create a decent relationship between you two it tells a lot about your personality. Remember she hasn’t met you before for real, so you got to take time to build that trust.
  6. Now the final point, tell her how you feel about her if she turns you down don’t be shattered or devastated, simply gives it up and have a relaxed mind.
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