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Facebook Events App – Facebook Local App And How It Works

We are discussing the topic: Facebook Events App – Facebook Local App And How It Works


The Facebook local app is a nice app but its different from the main Facebook app. The main purpose of this app is to show information about local businesses and reviews from Facebook users. What do we mean by show information about local businesses? it means this app is great for showing people the destination of where they are going, fi=or example where they can eat and so on.

So what’s special about this app? the special thing about it is that it combines both calendar and event listings which helps you to keep up with local events. Just take it this way, it helps you know your local area.

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Where can this app be download? for now, it can be downloaded on Google Play store that is for Android users and it’s also available for iPhone users. Being loved by many made the app to have millions of downloads already. From the app, you could see many friend’s check-ins and also reviews about the local businesses.

Attributes of Facebook Local App

  • Through this app, you can see events, places and recent activities of your friends.
  • Updates from the pages and event hosts you follow will help you to be up to date whenever they update their pages or event lists.
  • You have the options to choose to get notifications you want, especially about upcoming events.
  • Another great feature is that you have the option of adding calendars from your phone to view of all of your plans.
  • It has an interactive map where you can see activities happening close to you and also a filter by time, category and location.
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How Does Facebook Local App Work

This time around we are going to describe how this great app works and all the benefits you can get from this app. Read from the points below and see the full description of this app.

  • Firstly we will start from the Homepage to describe the features. On the Homepage, you see shortcuts to view nearby restaurants, cafes, drinks, attractions, and as well as where friends and people you follow visit. Other icons include Calendar, art, nightlife and Trending Events.
  • There’s also another great thing called The Discover Feed which displays the popular feeds and main suggestions. It has a calendar tab which shows all your Event invites and RSVPs, and you can also import your phone’s calendars.

Facebook Event and the Local app is a nice one that has helped change the world in a positive way. Though many people are not making use of it today, i will advise you download it and make use of it because its a great app. Remember to visit our website regularly for more great posts and don’t forget to share with friends.

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