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Facebook Face Recognition Features | How to Use Facebook Face Recognition

Facebook Face Recognition

We are discussing the topic: Facebook Face Recognition Features | How to Use Facebook Face Recognition

Facebook Face Recognition

Introducing Facebook Face Recognition For More Features

Facebook is really working tirelessly to make the social media better and user-friendly. Facebook is adding more ways to use face recognition besides just suggesting tags. In our previous topic, we discussed how to secure your Facebook account, you can include this new features in it.

Facebook Face Recognition Features

For example, face recognition technology can do things like:

• Find photos you’re in but haven’t been tagged: This is a great feature for those who care
to find their photos on the web.

• Help protect you from strangers using your photo: Thank you Facebook, this feature is the most interesting among them all.

If you have been a victim of facial theft, you will call Zuckerberg right now to say thank you.

There too many fake facebook accounts are existing on the platform, most of these profiles are created by fraudsters and imposters. The make use of well and highly personalty to create their profile. And they use the profile to find people who they will fraud their money. Women and old men are the victims of this scam activities.

• Tell people with visual impairments who are in your photo or video: The facial recognition can detect your face even on video, isn’t that some good enough to make you shout wow.

  • and let you know when you might appear in photos or videos but haven’t been tagged.
  • You’ll only be notified about photos that you’re in the audience for.
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How Facebook Face Recognition works

To figure out if you’re in a photo or video, the Facebook system compares it with an analysis of photos and videos such as your profile picture and photos and videos that you’re tagged in.

You can control face recognition by going to the setting. it is ON by default, but you can turn it off anytime.

To see picture steps on how to turn on or off the face recognition, click here


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How To Turn OFF and ON Facebook Face Recognition | Facebook Face Recognition Settings

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