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Facebook Free Online Games – Play Games With Facebook Friends On Messenger

Facebook Free Online Games

Facebook Free Online Games – Play Games With Facebook Friends On Messenger

Facebook Free Online Games

Facebook is doing their best to increase the addictive nature of the system, so that you as a user can never get bored on FB. With Facebook Free Online Games you can never have a dull moment.

Are you feeling bored? do you want to test your IQ, how smart can be, do you want to make new friends while having fun? Facebook Free Online Games are the best place to find breakthrough out of all these boring moments of your day.

Facebook Games List Or Facebook Games Categories

On the facebook categories or game list, you will find many intriguing and braining storming and educative games to get involved with. Among such games include:

  • Biotronic: This game, features easy mouse controls, exploding combos, and artful animations to make your game experience fun.
  • Restaurant City: This game, Combines elements of time management games, and virtual sims in Restaurant City. Here, you can start your own food joint, customize it, and vie against other restaurants, to become what the town talks about.
  • MindJolt Games: This encompasses, a collection of various titles, like arcade, puzzle, strategy, and sports games to play solo or in challenges with friends.
  • Know-it-All Trivia: This game puts you up against your Facebook friends, to test the wealth of your knowledge.
  • Zynga Poker: Zynga Poker, has garnered over 18 million active monthly players. It is awesome for card games enthusiasts who are looking for ways to vent their card knowledge on Facebook.
  • Bejeweled Blitz: Beware!!!, because you can get insanely addicted, to this game, on almost any platform. The Bejeweled Blitz, gem-swapping puzzle title, emanates from the highly regarded house of PopCap Games
  • YoVille: Zynga’s YoVille Facebook game, is a Sims-like virtual world on Facebook. Gamers, begin with their own apartment and do virtual “work” to get money to decorate it. They have the liberty, to visit their friends’ virtual homes, and chat with them in real time.
  • Mafia Wars: This game boasts of being the “#1 Crime game for Facebook,”, with over 25 million Facebook users doing crime jobs for money, aiming for respect, and fighting to be the ruling family in fictional New York
  • Word Challenge: This game, builds your spelling ability. Here, you are offered 6 letters, and you need to generate as many 3-6 letter words from them as fast as possible. Here your spelling speed is put to test.
  • Farmville: Farmville, has garnered 11 million daily players and still counting. It is a virtual force to be reckoned with, for users, who prefer management-type of games, where they can build, and monitor their assets. Also, if you are a lover of farm animals, you’ll love Farmville.
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These are just but a few of the Facebook instant games List out there, for game lovers.

How To Locate Facebook Games Categories

Facebook is an organized platform, they have taken their time to categorize everything to my site navigation easy and smooth. To locate Facebook Free Online Games, simply follow the following steps below:

  • Scroll to your Facebook homepage. Underneath the “Explore” button on the left side menu on your home page, tap on the “See More” option button
  • Next, click on the “Games” tab
  • To search out an app or game, tap on the “Game Store” button, and fill in the game name, into the “Search for games…..” box
  • Once, you locate the app or game, click on the “Play Now” button, to start playing the game on Facebook.

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Games is the most exciting way to while away time and kill boredom, Facebook Free Online Games has given you lots of game options to choose from. feel free to enjoys these games with your friends.

If you have more information about facebook games please do well to inform us using the comment box below.

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