Facebook Friend Near My Location Feature | How it works

Facebook Friend Nearby Location

Facebook Friend Near My Location Feature | How it works | Find Facebook Friend Nearby Location | Friends Near Me

Find Facebook Friend Nearby Location

Facebook Friend Near my location is one of the recent development introduced on Facebook to make reaching out to loved ones and making new friends easy and smarter.

Facebook the biggest social media on the web has connected a great many individuals in all parts of the world, it has become the fundamental platform where individuals can get in touch with old and new friends. In case you wish to meet new people close to your location or reconnect with your old friends nearby, Facebook Friend Near My Location Feature is what you need.


The Facebook Friend Near My Location Feature is a feature which has turned out to become a spy tool, your friends and you can use the tool to exchange locations and make it easy to spot them where they are and hook up with them.

You can also spy on your new friends and bomb into them using Facebook friend nearby element and even spend time with old friends. You can save yourself the stress of explaining where you at the moment to a dumb friend and simply turn on your Facebook nearby feature and ask him to locate you through FB.


However, this feature gives Facebook a record of your location history which may be a bit disturbing but you can choose to delete them from time to time.

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How To Turn On Or Off Facebook Friend Location On Android And iPhone

Facebook gives you control over whatever that happens on your facebook account, so you have the right to control who sees your location. You can these steps to TURN ON or OFF this feature:

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On Andriod Phones

  • Tap the three horizontal lines (menu icon) on your Facebook app screen
  • On the menu bar, tap NEARBY FRIENDS
  • Then you can push the toggle button, to either disable or enable the feature whichever one you want.

On iPhone

  • Open your Facebook app on your device
  • Click on MORE on the menu icon at the bottom of your Facebook app screen
  • Then tap on NEARBY FRIENDS
  • Then tap on the SETTINGS icon on the nearby friend’s page
  • –Then you can push the toggle button to turn off or turn on nearby friends. Whichever one you choose determines if your location will be accessible to your Facebook friends.

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How To Use Facebook Nearby To Locate Friends

Locating the address or pinpoint the location of your friends using these amazing facebook friend nearby feature is very simple to carry out. Just follow these simple steps below and you will be able to use this feature right away.

  • Tap the menu icon on your Facebook app
  • This will open your menu bar, scroll down the page and click on NEARBY FRIENDS
  • You will have to turn on your location feature to enable you to see the list of friends in your locations. You can simply turn on location services on the nearby friend’s page.
  • Facebook will then access your own location and provide you with a list of friends that are close to your location.
  • You can then choose some friends and share your location with them by clicking the blue invite button at the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Simply tap and check the box next to the name of the friend you wish to share location with, then finally tap the blue arrowhead button to invite your friends that you have selected.
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In conclusion, only use Facebook Friend Near My Location Feature to locate your friend and don’t use for spy and stocking purposes.

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