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Facebook Gaming Videos | How To Watch Gaming Video live on Facebook

Facebook Gaming Videos

Facebook Gaming Videos | How To Watch Gaming Video live on Facebook

Facebook Gaming Videos

Facebook gaming video is one of the trends in the web now, a great number of people are beginning to derive joy in watching gamers play games, possibly to see and learn the skills they used in completing a video game series. Facebook on its strive to make the social media fun and addictive, they introduced FB.gg dashboard, where users can go to the stream, watch live, and download their favorite gaming videos.

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What Is Facebook Gaming video

Facebook is a new platform/ dashboard introduced by FB where gamers and game lovers can go live with there gaming and game lover can stream or watch them play the games live. This is a feature twitch.tv is using as its edge to sale the social media, now Facebook has mounted a serious competition, considering the great number of users on Facebook, they will definitely still the gaming fun from twitch. You can download the gaming videos and watch them at your leisure.

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Facebook Gaming Video Dashboard

Facebook gaming video dashboard is the interface of the gaming video platform where you can watch live gaming videos or stream old videos. Once you click on the Facebook gaming video to open the gaming video platform, if anyone is streaming live, the live video is the first big screen you will see, followed by other live gaming videos, you can choose by selecting the gamer who is live and watch.

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On the Popular hub, you will list of all the popular games titles such as Fortnite, PUBG and FIFA 18, as well as a selection of recommended streams. If you’re already following a streamer, they’ll appear on the sidebar, and you can also view streams that your friends on Facebook have recently watched too.

On the Lift sidebar you can see a whole lot of stuff you can do on the facebook gaming video platform, User can decide to go live (If you meet their criteria) with their own gaming video. User can browse games, browse all streamer, go to streamers dashboard, view collections, Your group and view the popular game list.

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When was facebook gaming video launched

Facebook gaming video platform or dashboard was introduced in early 2018

How To Watch Facebook Gaming Video live

The fun is now moving from playing the games to watching the gamers play the game, live on Facebook gaming video. The join this party as a streamer or as a gamer, simply follow the steps below:

  • Login into your Facebook account
  • On the left sidebar look for “Explore” and click “See More”
  • Click on Gaming video
  • And Explore the facebook gaming video feature

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Facebook is the most populated social media and Mark the owner of FB is doing great in adding more features to the system in other to keep users on it the platform, Facebook gaming feature is one of the addictive features for entertainment and Facebook is paying the top gamers to stay on the platform and stream live videos. Facebook is working seriously add monetization system to the gaming features in the form of virtual currency and they are currently using Facebook stars as payment coin which converts to money facebooks pays to the gamers. this feature is aimed at competing YouTube gaming video and Google is about to face its own major competitor.

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