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Facebook Interaction Posts | Facebook Interaction Posts Ideas

Facebook Interaction Posts

Facebook Interaction Posts | Facebook Interaction Posts Ideas
Facebook Interaction Posts
Facebook Interaction Post are those kinds of post that trigger communication between two or more persons.
Facebook is a social media that connects people with friends and relatives to communicate or interact with each, as such facebook is an interactive medium where two or more individuals meet to impart an effect on each other.

What Is Interaction

Interaction has much meaning depending on the field or aspect where you apply it. According to WikipediaInteraction is a kind of action that occurs as two or more objects have an effect upon one another. The idea of a two-way effect is essential in the concept of interaction, as opposed to a one-way causal effect.”
From the above definition, wiki generalized interaction to exceed the communication between people, because object place together which has an effect on each other is said to be interacting.
Cambridge dictionary made it clear that interaction is “an occasion when two or more people or things communicate with or react to each other”. The Cambridge definition has simply defined interaction as regards to facebook.

Facebook Interaction

Facebook interaction is when people found on Facebook social media communicate with each other. Facebook developments are gradually moving facebook away from just normal connecting with people. Facebook has introduced so many ways by which people can interact with each other and they include:

Chatting: The normal chatting which Facebook started with.

Timeline: You can interact with your Facebook friends by posting the facebook interaction post on your timeline.

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Comment: Comment is another place where people can meet and interact with each other.

Group: Group is a bigger platform on Facebook, where people with like minds, gather to communicate and interact with each other.

Fan Page And Business Page: Is where celebrities or business owners gather their fans and interact with them.

Facebook Interaction Post

This is one of the reasons why I call facebook a selfish and greedy social media, Facebook wants you to pay to gather people to like your page or group and also pay them for the people who liked or joined your group to see and interact with the group or page.

If you are an active Facebook user, and you own a fan page or group which has a good number of audience and yet when you publish a Facebook post on your page, you will notice that you post did not get much attention as you wish.

Facebook posts to encourage interaction, There is a feature on Facebook called “Talking About” this what Facebook is using to keep people actively interactive on Facebook. Facebook Talking about is one of the additive feature facebooks has added to keep you or company glued to facebook. And this talking about feature affects everything we do on facebook both on your timeline, group or fan/business page.

To keep your timeline active, to increase the number of people who sees your post, likes and comment on it, you must keep the talking about high by being active and this has given the rise to the search of facebook interactive post.

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Types Of Facebook Interaction Post

Facebook interactive post can any kind of post which you can post and get people to react to it. There are many types of interactive, they include:

Funny facebook interaction posts

Question and answer interaction post

Games interaction post

Facebook interaction meme

Facebook interaction post list

Facebook interaction post video etc.

Facebook interaction posts ideas

Facebook interaction post ideas to keep your group or fan page active depends on what message your group or page is communicating to it members. The type of group or page you are managing should inspire you on what your audience wants to read, or what you will post that will trigger reactions or interaction on your page. Facebook interaction post increase your group or page Talking about and more people will know about your brand and talk about it. You have to create or higher a social media manager who will handle your group or page and also keep the talking about increasing by posting interactive post daily on your group or page timeline.

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Facebook interactive post has become the most search keyword, thanks to talking about and the best way to get inspiration on what kind of post you can post on facebook, knowing and understanding your brand. Our upcoming post, we are going to post some examples of facebook interactive post which you can share with your fans and group members to get reactions.

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