Facebook Marketplace Business | Sell Anything On Facebook Shop

Facebook Marketplace Business

Facebook Marketplace Business | Sell Anything On Facebook Shop

Facebook Marketplace Business

Facebook is free, all activities on Facebook is open for everyone to freely take part in unless the feature is restricted to some certain areas which are not within your location so therefore You can sell on Facebook.

You can join the billions of users presently utilizing Facebook for business purposes other than chatting with friends, watching photos and reading updates.

Before now, facebook commercial services have been limited to groups and fan pages where its users can only sell their product by joining BUY AND SELL GROUPS which is created and managed by an individual on Facebook. The introduction of facebook MarketPlace has given facebook another interesting feature.

The marketplace serves as an open market for everyone who has one brand or the other to market and makes sales. With the marketplace, you can create your own online shop and start selling things without spending anything on website creation, etc.

Market place business has made the selling of products more flexible and lucrative, with sell to locals features, you can make business connections with your clients and buyers because you can sell to people within your localities.


Presently, you can sell practically anything on Facebook ranging from gadgets, garments, furniture, vehicles to your business items, yet political items and unlawful things can’t be sold on Facebook. Millions of individuals are now profiting by this platform, and you can go along with them and begin boosting your deals by promoting items and selling them on the platform.

Go along with other millions of clients on Facebook and begin utilizing Facebook for more than visiting with friends and sharing photographs, and begin advancing your business on the platform. You can even sell that old love seat or TV set you don’t need any progressively directly on the Facebook marketplace and you stand an extraordinary shot of getting intrigued purchasers with regards to your location in a matter of seconds.

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How To Sell Your Product On Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is not a standalone app which you will download to start selling, it is a feature just like page or groups on facebook where you can list your product and allow buyers to browse through your product, choose and make payment for the product without leaving Facebook. To start selling on facebook marketplace for the simple steps below:

  • Click the MARKETPLACE ICON on your Facebook app, Facebook prompts will aid you in completing the process if you are new.
  • Then tap SELL or SELL SOMETHING button. Then you can add clear photos of items you are selling from your camera roll.
  • Then enter a title for the item you are selling, its description and the price at which you want to sell the item. Make sure you add relevant details about the items you are selling to attract buyers’ interest.
  • Then choose a location, your products will be advertised in the locations you choose.
  • And select a category your products fall into the list provided by Facebook,
  • Once you have followed these steps accurately, Facebook will put your items visible for people in your location to find. You can also choose to post items listings to any specific buying and selling group you belong to the same time you are posting listings on the marketplace.
  • YOUR ITEMS tab will become your management area where you can receive messages and offers from buyers and update your items’ info.

How To Sell On Facebook Store

Facebook store is associated with facebook business page, you can access it by login into your facebook account, go to your page where you can access the business page admin panel.

Facebook business page comes with the facebook shop features where can easily list the items which you want to sell and market them.

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To start selling on facebook shop, follow the steps below:


  • Navigate to your Facebook page and log into your Facebook business page and access the admin panel
  • Facebook pages already have the shop page by default that is accessible to you as the page owner or admin.
  • Locate the shop icon on the left and click on it, you need to activate your template accurately to enable you to see this shop icon. If you don’t see the shop, you will need to activate your templates in the right way.
  • Just go to SETTINGS, then TEMPLATES and TABS, find the current Template area and click on the edit button. You can then apply the shop template from there.
  • After getting the shop tab on your store, click on it, once you click on the shop tab a popup appears explaining the process you are about to go through. You can read through to understand the process before clicking the GET STARTED button.
  • Another pop-up appears on the screen prompting you to enter your business details. You will need to enter important business details as required on each field, then click NEXT
  • Then you will need to enter info about the state you do your business and tax registration number. You will need to enter your currency and email address if you want to get paid on facebook. Just enter the right details for each pop-up screen, when you are done click the FINISH button.
  • Click on the SETUP PAYMENT button to set up payment details to publish your shop. You will be required to enter your tax details, accurate business name, employer identification number, and your legal name. After entering the required info, click on the SAVE button, you need to enter the accurate info and cross check for mistakes before clicking save because it can’t be edited later.
  • Then finally link your bank to your Facebook store for payments, enter your bank routing, account number and account name, then click the SAVE button
  • Set up your shipping options and your return policy and customer service email on the SET YOUR PREFERENCES step, and then click FINISH to conclude the process.
  • You will need to add products to your Facebook store by clicking the ADD button, you can add products manually or you can use e-commerce/ inventory.
  • Once you have added your products you have to market your products if you intend to generate sales from your business. You can advertise using Facebook Ads, this is an effective way to reach your target audience; you can promote your products on Facebook groups, or you can share it on your timeline.
  • Listing your products on the Facebook store for customers to see is totally free and you can use Facebook Ads to reach your target audience.
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As a business proprietor, you can set up a Facebook store through your business page and begin selling things or you can sell through a marketplace. Be that as it may, singular sellers who have no business pages are restricted to selling on the marketplace or on buying and sell Facebook groups.


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