Facebook Hacked Account Recovery | How To Get Back Old Facebook Account

Facebook Hacked Account Recovery

Facebook Hacked Account Recovery | How To Get Back Old Facebook Account

Facebook Hacked Account Recovery

How To Recover Access To Old Facebook Account | How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Facebook old accounts have become most wanted because most of the recent Facebook upgrades and development somehow doesn’t affect the old account. The Facebook intelligent system doesn’t easily block or deny access to old facebook account because the system is deployed in such a way that it has trusted the old accounts and cannot suspect it to fake.

In one of our post we have updated how to contact facebook support to get assistant fast, this will make it easy for you to know how to get back your old facebook account or recover your hacked account.

Reasons Why You Should Recover Your Old Facebook Account

Recovering old and hacked a facebook account is very important because of the high rate of cybercrime.

Your old account could be a tool in the hands of internet fraud stars.

How To Recover  Old Facebook Account

Facebook completes a security check when you are attempting to access your old Facebook account to affirm you are the one endeavoring to sign in to your Facebook account. To recuperate account utilizing personality:

  • You have to first log into your Facebook account and follow Facebook directions to confirm your identity
  • To confirm identity you can identify friends based on their tagged photos
  • You can contact a friend that you have chosen to help you in case you need to recover the account
  • You might have to provide the date of birth which is the date you gave as your birth date when signing up for Facebook.
  • You might be asked security questions if you don’t know answers to them; you can choose a different question.
  • If these steps above worked and you have successfully retrieved your old account, please change or reset the password before using the old account.
  • If you think your account has been hacked and you can’t recover account you need to follow other serious measures.
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How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

When you see your FB account has been hacked, you have to ensure you change your Facebook password, on the off chance that your concern is more confounded than this, at that point you have to proceed with the steps below:

  • Go to Facebook’s REPORT COMPROMISED ACCOUNT page
  • Then type in the email address or phone number linked to your hacked account and click SEARCH
  • Enter your old password or current one and click CONTINUE
  • Then you have chosen one option from the list of options indicating why you think your account has been hacked and click CONTINUE
  • A Facebook prompt will appear explaining how they would help you with steps for changing your password and also makes sure that any recent changes on your account came from you. Then click GET STARTED to begin the process.
  • Then follow the directions provided by Facebook to secure your account and change your password.


With the wide client base Facebook has, there will be grumblings achieving their work area once a day, well Facebook help center is their least demanding method for taking care of huge amounts of objections they get from clients.

Try not to look out for calling Facebook or messaging them when you can without much of a stretch oversee self-benefits by visiting the Facebook help center. With the tips we have given you, you can likewise take care of issues relating to the regions we clarified.

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