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Facebook soon to turn to a digital graveyard – Find out why

dead people on facebook

facebook turn to digital graveyard

Facebook soon to turn to a digital graveyard. The number of registered members keeps increasing yearly but research has shown that in the next 50 years the number of deceased people will outnumber the living.

The latest report by scholars from the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) – some portion of the University of Oxford – sets up two potential outrageous situations.

The first accept that no new members joined Facebook starting in 2018; the second states that Facebook keeps on developing by its present rate of 13% all around, consistently until each market achieves immersion.

The truth, obviously, will fall someplace in the middle.

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In view of the main situation, at any rate, 1.4 billion individuals will kick the bucket before 2100, and the dead will dwarf the living by 2070.

Nonetheless, if Facebook keeps on extending at current rates – according to the second situation – the number of dead members could reach as high as 4.9 billion preceding the century’s end.

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