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Facebook Video Uploader – Facebook App Download

Facebook Video Uploader gives one of the best experiences to its users. Its an application that makes it easy for its users to upload videos to their Facebook page. We all know Youtube as the key place people go to watch videos and also upload and share theirs, this time around its now very possible in Facebook.

Facebook Video Uploader Download

This app is downloadable only for Apple and Android users, which can be downloaded through the play stores or apple store. Here are the steps to download the Facebook Video uploader;

  1. For android users go to playstore while iPhone users should head to Apple store
  2. Click on the search icon and search for Facebook Video Uploader
  3. From the search result select the most appropriate and download
  4. Install the app

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This section is very important, after the installation the app have to be connected with your Facebook account to enable you to upload videos you want to upload.

Steps on How To Upload Video To Facebook

Uploading a video directly in Facebook is also possible. Aside using the application it can also be done in the website itself. Here’s the simplest way to do that in your profile.

  1. While logged in your Facebook account, select ‘Add photo/video’ at the top of your timeline
  2. Choose the video you want to upload in your saved files
  3. After it has finished uploading, click on Publish/Post

Remember that Facebook also have their policies and terms about the video you upload, one of which is they only accept files smaller than 1.75 GB.

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