Foldable iPhone: Apple seeks support from its arch-enemy


Apple and Samsung are not only tough competitors when it comes to smartphones, but also close partners. This cooperation between the two companies is now supposed to be further intensified with regard to foldable iPhones.

The South Koreans have been strong competitors for Apple with their own Android smartphones for many years. At the same time, however, Cupertino is still happy to use Samsung’s display technologies and capacities.

If you believe the leaker “Ice Universe” this will also apply to foldable displays. As MacRumors reports in reference to the leaker, Apple is said to have asked its partner Samsung Display to supply a “large number” of samples of these foldable smartphone displays. Apple also hopes to secure a one-year exclusive deal for the shipments. The leaker also stressed the urgency of this development.

Foldable iPhone: Apple could deepen tests

Already last year there were reports that Samsung had shared its foldable display technologies with other companies – including Apple. The aim was to attract new customers for the production of these displays.

The new leak could indicate that Apple’s first tests with the foldable displays were successful and that they now want to do further tests that require larger quantities. Some analysts have already suspected that Apple could present a foldable iPhone or iPad as early as next year.

As described above, Samsung is a close partner, for example in the production of OLED displays for current iPhones. The company has been dominant in this area for years and now wants to repeat the same in regards to the foldable display. According to MacRumors, there are plans to increase production – depending on demand – to up to 10 million units per year.

The South Koreans have been able to gain useful experience with the Galaxy Fold in the production of foldable displays and smartphones for some time. Meanwhile, the second generation of the foldable is already available. Another alternative with a foldable display is the Galaxy Z Flip.



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