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Gaming Videos Live With OBS | How To Go Live Facebook Gaming Videos

Gaming Videos Live With OBS

Gaming Videos Live With OBS | How To Go Live Facebook Gaming Videos

Gaming Videos Live With OBS

Facebook gaming video live is a way by which you can capture the video of yourself playing your favorite games, connecting it to Facebook for people to watch the live stream of your gameplay.

Going live on facebook means send real-life videos of a live event to stream live on Facebook. In the same, you can stream your gaming video live with the help of OBS, StreamLab, and other streams third-party app.

OBS meaning Open Broadcast Software is an online application that allows to make good gaming videos, connect it to Facebook and let your fans stream it live on Facebook.

How to Create a Scene On OBS

Setting up a scene allows you to customize what you want your viewers to see. If you play a number of different games, you create a custom scene for each, tailoring to each experience.

Select a scene

To put together a “scene,” such as the game you’re playing, your webcam’s feed, or custom overlays, right-click the Scenes box and click Add from the dropdown. Name the scene and then click OK. You can build multiple scenes and switch between them freely, allowing you to change it up as you change what you’re playing.

Add a gaming source

There are three different sources you can use to add your game to the scene: Game CaptureWindow Capture, and Display Capture.
To add a source to your scene, select the scene and right-click inside the Sources box. Click Add and then choose the source you want to add.

Find the right source for you

Game Capture captures the feed from a single game and will capture games that run in full screen. To add Game Capture as a source, name it and choose the game you want to capture. The game must be open for OBS to see it; if you don’t see your game, make sure it’s open and click the Refresh button. Note that Game Capture currently only supports DirectX 8, 9, 10, 10.1, 11 and OpenGL games.
Window Capture captures the feed from a single window, which could be a game running in windowed mode, a web browser or another app. Window Capture will not capture a game running in full-screen mode.
Display Capture captures your entire monitor. Ideally, you’re running Windows 8 or new, and keep in mind it doesn’t capture games in full-screen mode. Add *Monitor Capture* as a source and name it. Choose the monitor you want to capture (listed by number) and choose whether you want mouse movement to be captured.
Now to add your webcam. Right-click inside the Sources box and click Add > Video Capture Device and type in a name for your source.
In the Device Selection window, choose your Device and modify how you want your video to look. You can open up your webcam’s settings by clicking the Configure button. For webcams that have built-in microphones, make sure the right Audio Input Device is selected in the Audio section.
Now that you have two sources in your scene: a game source and a webcam source, you are almost ready to go! You won’t see anything in OBS until you start streaming or previewing your stream. To see how it will look to your audience, click Preview Stream.

How To Go Live On Facebook

Facebook Live is designed to stream the action while you play while reaching and engaging your Facebook friends and fellow gamers. Follow the steps to go live.

  • Go to facebook.com/live/create > select Create Live Stream.
  • Under Post, choose where you want your live stream to appear (such as your Gaming Video Creator page that you manage, not your profile page).
  • Copy and paste the server URL and/or stream key into the settings of your streaming software. If you need help choosing a streaming software, you can find options including OBS or XSplit in our Help Docs.
  • Select: “Enable persistent stream key” to make streaming in the future a bit easier. Note: Please don’t share your stream key. Anyone who has access to it can stream video to your post and you don’t want that.
  • Use your streaming software to start streaming. You will see a preview screen of your stream on Facebook where the server URL and stream key are displayed.
  • Name your stream, identify the game you’re playing, and add a description to let your viewers know what to expect from your stream.
  • Click Go Live. Now you’re live!
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