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Gaming Videos Live With XSplit | How To Go Live Facebook Gaming Videos

Gaming Videos Live With XSplit

Gaming Videos Live With XSplit | How To Go Live Facebook Gaming Videos

Gaming Videos Live With XSplit

Gaming Videos Live With XSplit

Facebook gaming video has 3 main ways by which you can go live with your gaming videos and these processes include the use of three third-party apps namely: Streamlab, OBS, and Xsplit. On our previous posts, we have discussed how to install all those apps in your system and get them ready to creating you’re for a first gaming video scene.

How To Create Your First Scene using Xsplit App

Xsplit app is another lovely third-party application which you can use to go live on Facebook gaming videos, We assume you already have the Xsplit app installed on your system ready to create your first scene if know sees how to install Xsplit app HERE and proceed to the steps below:

Select a scene

To put together a “scene” of the things you want your viewers to see, such as the game you’re playing, your webcam’s video feed, or custom overlays that you have. You can have multiple customized scenes and switch between them.
Click on “Scene 1”, you can rename it if you like.

Add a Gaming Source

You need to add a gaming source to your scene, to display the game you’re playing. There are two different sources you can use: Game Capture (recommended) and Screen Capture. Select one of these from the Add Source button.

Game Capture gets the feed from a single game and will work with games running in full screen or windowed.
Screen Capture captures an area defined by you on your monitor. It will capture everything that’s going on in that screen, including any pop-ups or notifications from Windows or other programs.
It’s a good idea to set your in-game resolution to the same resolution you are streaming.

Add other sources

Add your webcam, click Add source > Devices > Video, and select your camera. You can do some camera setting modifications here depending on your camera. If your webcam has a built-in mic this will default as the audio source. If you want to use a different mic, go to Tools > Settings >Audio and change the Microphone from the drop-down list.
Add any text with Add source > Text, and any logos/images with Add source > Media file.
To add any URL based overlays or other sources, go to Add source> Webpage, and input the URL.

Add Facebook Widgets

Add your live chat by clicking on Add Source > Facebook Widgets > Live Comments. You can add live reactions by clicking Add source >Facebook Widgets > Live Reactions Animation. These widgets will auto connect to your current live stream. You can customize the look, transparency, and source if you right click on them.

How To Go Live On Facebook

Facebook Live is designed to stream the action while you play while reaching and engaging your Facebook friends and fellow gamers. Follow the steps to go live.

  • Go to facebook.com/live/create > select Create Live Stream.
  • Under Post, choose where you want your live stream to appear (such as your Gaming Video Creator page that you manage, not your profile page).
  • Copy and paste the server URL and/or stream key into the settings of your streaming software. If you need help choosing a streaming software, you can find options including OBS or XSplit in our Help Docs.
  • Select: “Enable persistent stream key” to make streaming in the future a bit easier. Note: Please don’t share your stream key. Anyone who has access to it can stream video to your post and you don’t want that.
  • Use your streaming software to start streaming. You will see a preview screen of your stream on Facebook where the server URL and stream key are displayed.
  • Name your stream, identify the game you’re playing, and add a description to let your viewers know what to expect from your stream.
  • Click Go Live. Now you’re live!
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