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Get Interest-free loan from Carbon (Paylater)

Get Interest-free loan from Carbon (Paylater)

Get Interest-free loan from Carbon (Paylater)

One of the Nigerian top unsecured loan lenders is giving out up to #50,000 as a loan with no collateral and no interest. wow, what a great offer.

As one of the chief patronizers, I receive a notice via email confirming the great news today, I thought it might interest those of you who are looking for financial help to settle unplanned financial need.

Get Interest-free loan from Carbon (Paylater)

All first-time loans on Carbon this week (8th – 12th July), are completely interest-free!

Making access to loans easier and more accessible is a key part of our mission.

When you apply for a loan on Carbon, we understand deeply that being able to get money instantly is sometimes the key difference between being able to attend to an emergency or meet a critical business need.

So this week – when you get your first loan, not only do you get cash within seconds of approval, but it’s also at zero % interest.

EXAMPLE: Take a loan of ₦50,000, pay exactly ₦50k back – provided you pay the loan on time! Late repayments will incur the standard interest charge for the loan.

To get your zero-interest loan today, you know what to do. 

You click HERE to download and apply for Carbon(Paylater) loan now now!!!

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