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Comment On Google Search Results Coming Soon

What is google search result comment? Google search result comment is a new feature search engine giant Google is planning on to introduce to search result which will allow users to express themselves by commenting on the search results.

Comment on Google search results coming soon

google search results comment

google search results comment


Google is considering allowing people to comment on its search results. This recent development came up from 9to5Google in latest Google App. Though they are considering first users to make use of it by commenting on live sports games.

Recall that Google search engine shows the live score of sports games and 9to5Google revealed this in a part of the app known as Your Contributions which shows up to two options when clicked on which includes reviews and comments. Through the comment option, users will have the opportunity to add a comment while the game is live.

The Google Search Help Page has also given us a better insight by revealing that when this comment option is released fully, that users will be able to comment on searches they have made and also read what others have commented in the Google search results.

Why the comment on Google Search results

That’s a question everyone will like to know, the reason is that Google is about destroying their Google plus social network after it’s failure to reach customer’s expectations. Google plus was a flop to the search engine giants and hence they came up with this plan of commenting on search results.

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