Portal FB review: How Does Facebook Portal Work

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Portal FB review: How Does Facebook Portal Work

How Does Facebook Portal Work, Portal FB review:
Portal FB review

What is portal and How Does Facebook Portal Work is what etechfaq is going to look at and explain better on this post.

It is no more news that Facebook has grown to become more that the common social media we used to know. The new Facebook is coming out with new device to take over your smart homes.

The newly introduced hardware gadget by Facebook says you have to carry your home, office everywhere you go.

With portal Facebook, your don’t have to insert emoji on your story, you can become the emoji.

Before we move on to learning how does Facebook portal works, we will first understand what portal is.

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What Is Facebook Portal

Facebook Portal is a smart display brand developed by Facebook.The product line consists of four models (Portal, Portal Plus, Portal Mini and Portal TV) that provide video chat through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, augmented by a smartphone-class wide-angle camera that can automatically zoom in and monitor people’s movements and multiple noise-canceling, echo-canceling 360 ° beam forming arrangements. Speakers that are louder than smartphones or tablets are also built into the units.

Portal with Alexa

Facebook has incorporated Alexa with its newly introduced device to help you enjoy your automatic home satisfaction.

Alexa only made the day better. Live in the mind and enjoy everything you’re in. Speech allows the smart home to see who’s on the front door, listen to your favorite music, watch the news, and more. Only ask that question. Read more about how to integrate Alexa and portal here

How Does Facebook Portal Work

All Facebook website apps support AI-powered “Smart Camera and Smart Sound” features. This software allows cameras to automatically pan and zoom around the room to locate and follow people, while increasing background noise and enhancing the caller’s voice.

It is also designed to recognize only humans, not their pets, so the call will not be interrupted by a dog or cat wandering into the room. But the company was quick to point out that the cameras identified only people in the room, not individuals. No information on who is on the call will be sent to Facebook in any way.

These calls can also be made via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, so it is an option to encrypt end-to-end.

Also equipped with smart microphone technology, during the call, Facebook Portal uses beam forming to track speakers and reduce ambient and background noise. This requires as many as eight microphones on Facebook Portal TV, ensuring you can chat easily with a whole family if you put a video call on these devices.


Portal+ has settings that are clear and simple to keep you in control at all times. You can deactivate the camera and microphone easily with a single touch and block the lens with the camera cover.

Portal From Facebook Cost

Portal TV will start shipping for $149 on November 5th— or you can bundle two portal phones together and take $50 off as well.

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The digital home Facebook display is an amazing introduction to help automate your house and even monitor your home from a distance, with the cameras ability to detect and follow movement of people, you use it as a spy camera transmitting live video footage from your house or office.

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