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Steps On How To Block Someone On Facebook

From time to time we always want to have our privacy and today am here to let you know how to block someone on Facebook. Facebook is the largest social social media website and we are to expect so many kinds of people in there, especially those that spam you with different irrelevant messages.

Easy Way To Block Someone on Facebook

There’s nothing much in this process, its just a very simple procedure. Follow the steps below to achieve this;

  1. Login to your Facebook profile
  2. Take a look at the top right side of your page you will see a drop down menu click on it and select SETTINGS

  3. At the left side select BLOCKING and enter the name of the individual you want to block.

  4. The good part of it is that you can also block someone from sending messages to you.

These are the steps involved in blocking someone on Facebook. As you can see its very simple and easy.

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After Blocking Someone on Facebook What Next?

That’s a nice question, what occurs when you block someone? there are so many things that changes after this action has been taken. You can no longer add the person again as a friend, no  more sending of messages, to be precise, no more any type of interaction between you two. Another thing to note is that when you block someone he/she doesn’t get notified of being blocked, the only way he can be away is when he tries to view your profile or send you a message.

The steps i listed is for permanent blocking but the good news is that Facebook also have temporary blocking process. Take a look at the steps below to understand the steps involved in temporary blocking;

  1. Head straight to the timeline of the one you want to block
  2. Take your mouse cursor and hover it around their name
  3. A pop up window appears, select FRIENDS BUTTON
  4. Select the option; ADD TO ANOTHER LIST
  5. Select RESTRICTED

This are the steps involved in achieving this. Don’t forget to share this post with friends and also remember to visit us daily for more better updates.

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