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How to Contact Facebook Customer Service – Facebook Contact Email

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We all experience some problems while we access Facebook website and need help to solve the issue, which raises the alarm to seek for help. Facebook contact is very important in your journey with this great social media giant. Concerning Facebook’s standard, they sure have their help center or we can call it customer service to help you with your problems. Many find it difficult to find a way to contact them hence i decided to help you with the easiest way to achieve this. Let’s get started;

How To Contact Facebook

That has been the question in your mind on how to contact this great social media giant called Facebook, well we are there already. Kindly pay close attention on how to get access to their customer service, its simple and easy. Have in mind that they don’t offer a phone support.

  1. Open Facebook page and select Facebook Help Center webpage
  2. Take a look at the left side of your screen and select Facebook Customer service contact
  3. Select Ask a Question at the right side of the screen
  4. Choose the topic of your question either for business pages or ads
  5. Complete other instructions and that’s all

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General Facebook Help Center

This summarizes the entire write up we have here, whatever problem you have can be solved through this General Facebook Help Center. When the Help center is opened you will find a series of options at the top of the page.

  1. Privacy and Safety
  2. Using Facebook
  3. Managing your Account
  4. Policies and Reporting

Let’s discuss each of the options above so you can understand what provides the solution to any problem you are facing.

Privacy and Safety
This concerns issues that involves securing your account, unfriending or blocking someone, hacked and fake accounts, staying safe and your privacy. It’s a very important option.

Using Facebook 
This teaches you about the general navigation of Facebook such as creating account, managing your page, groups, payments, messaging and others.

Managing Your Account 
If you want to delete or deactivate your Facebook account, change your name, access your profile settings and information, that’s the help option for you.

Policies and Reporting
This option is almost same with Privacy and Safety, but it has many other situations it helps to solve. Here you have the option to report abuse, report a problem with Facebook, report a privacy violation and manage a deceased person’s account.

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