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How To Delete Facebook Page On PC, Mac Or App In Android And iOS

The steps in how to delete Facebook page is different because of different apps or computers we use in making this a reality. Bear this in mind, for you delete a Facebook page you must be an admin of that page if not you won’t have access to such. The journey of deleting your Facebook page starts with going to the settings of that page.

The second thing to put in mind is that once you delete a page all the updates, engagements and Likes will all be gone, so please make sure you have no need of that page anymore before embarking on such journey. We are going to discuss how to delete a Facebook page from your Android phone, iPhone, PC or Mac. Let’s take it one at a time.

Deleting of Facebook Page using your Android phone

  • First, open the Facebook app
  • Take a look at the top right section of the screen and click on the Newsfeed icon.
  • Select Pages
  • List of pages you are an admin to appears, click on the particular page you want to delete
  • When the page opens, look at the right corner of your screen and click on the horizontal dots
  • Select the Edit Settings option
  • Select General and then click on permanently delete page option
  • Finally, click on delete page and its all over.

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Using iOS or iPhone to Delete a Facebook Page

  • As usual open the Facebook app
  • Look at the bottom right corner of your screen and select News Feed
  • Click on Pages option
  • At the top right corner of your screen click on the horizontal dots
  • Click Edit Settings and then select General
  • Then tap the Permanently Delete Page option and click on Delete page. Your page has been deleted finally.
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Delete Facebook Page Using Mac or PC

To delete a Facebook page through your computer is a bit easier and more straightforward than the above methods of using Facebook app.

  • Open the Facebook website
  • In the Homepage look at the top right side of your screen and click on the drop-down menu


  • Select Manage Pages or click on the page you want to go to from the screen, as you can see from the picture I have two pages there, I could delete anyone I want to delete from there.

  • When the page opens click on Settings at the top right of your screen.

  • Scroll to the last part of the list.
  • Click on Remove Page.

  • Click on Delete Page.
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