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Steps On How To Link Whatsapp To Facebook | Connect Facebook to what’s App

We are discussing the topic: Steps On How To Link Whatsapp To Facebook | Connect Facebook to what’s App


You might ask what are the steps on how to link Whatsapp to Facebook? well everyone knows that Whatsapp is one of the most popular apps in the world with over 1 billion downloads in Google play store. Here’s the good news, Facebook has really done a good work by introducing a new privacy policy of making it possible to link Facebook accounts to WhatsApp accounts in an easy way.

This invention has helped Facebook to have access to the contacts of the user thereby enabling them to suggest some contacts in their phones as Friends in their website. Another good aspect of this is that Facebook doesn’t go ahead to display the phone numbers of the contacts in your phone but instead like we stated earlier used it to make improvements on their Friend’s suggestions options.

What’s the good part of this? one of the best things about this is that friends who have your contact in their phone will immediately see you as a friend suggestion but its always good to understand that there’s still an option of turning it off by not allowing Facebook to share you to others. Let’s head to the business of the day, about how to link WhatsApp to Facebook.

How to link WhatsApp to Facebook

It’s time to answer the question I asked at the beginning of the steps on how to link Whatsapp to Facebook. Here the steps to achieve that;

  1. In the upper right section of your screen click on the three dots, click on settings and select Account.
  2. Select Share my account information on the left side.
  3. You will see a grey pop-up box requesting you to either allow WhatsApp to share your data on Facebook.
  4. Select Don’t Share and that’s all.
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How To Share Whatsapp Message To Facebook

  • Go to the message you want to share, long tap on it, if its an image, video or audio its still same process involved, the color of the message or which ever one you selected changes to show you it has been selected.
  • Now tap the share button that can be found in the upper right section of your app, that’s all.

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Sharing a Link From Facebook to Whatsapp

  • When you on Facebook and see a link that’s shared, there are many options available for you, you can either share the link or save the image if there’s an image.
  • Click on Share External, this will take you to list of apps you can share them with
  • Select Whatsapp
  • Then select the contact or the group you would like to share it too.


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