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How to Go back to the Gmail Classic Old Look | How to change the display view or density

how to set up new Gmail look

How to Go back to the Gmail Classic Old Look | How to change the display view or density

how to set up gmail new look

Google email is one of the leading email services online today, in fact, it is the most widely used platform for email services and other things.

Gmail email has introduced a major upgrade of their mailing web-based application, (I don’t know if this upgrade is also applicable on Gmail mobile app)which completely changes the total look of our email dashboard, to something more flexible and lovely, which may seem complicated to those who are not used to technology advancements. The most interesting thing about this new is that it comes with a desktop notification feature.

Gmail desktop notification feature.

On this tutorial, I will touch a whole lot of settings on email and Gmail, I will like to start with how to switch to the old look and back to the new look of the Gmail online at any time of choice.

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How to Go back to the Gmail Email Classic or Old Look.

If you are new to Gmail email, you need to sign up for a new Gmail email account, but if you have already open Gmail account proceed to the tutorial proper.

Peradventure you have sheepishly clicked on the “switch to the Gmail new look” notification that is bugging users recently and for any reason, you don’t like the new look, Gmail has given you the option to stay on the interface of choice, which mean you can switch to old or new look at anytime you wish, to do this follow the picture steps below

Login to your Gmail dashboard, Click on the gear icon on the right side of the screen on your Gmail dashboard, just below your profile.

How to Go back to the Gmail Classic Old Look.


The first option you will see is “Go back to Classic Gmail (google email)” click on it and you are back to your old look.

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To switch back to the new look, follow the same procedures and you will have your look back once again.


How to change the display view or density

The second we are going to look at is how to choose the density view, density view simply means how we want to email to be listed, the Gmail new look gave us the 3 options to choose from “Default, comfortable and compact”. 

Default: If I use my Google email to receive emails that contain attachments, and I wish to access the attachments fast without opening my Gmail messages, the default look is what is best for you.

Comfortable: As the name sounds, it gives you a comfortable Gmail email list just like the classic or old version, this is best for those who use their email for personal use.

Compact: compact is the official interface if you are using your Gmail email for official use, where you receive tons of email every day and you need to see as many as you can at a glance, the compact is the best view to choose. below is the picture step on how you can switch to any view of your choice.

On Your email dashboard, click on the gear icon, click on display density, the option pops up, select the default, comfortable or compact.

How to change the display view or density


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How to configure your inbox

The term configure your inbox may sound a little confusing, but it simply means how do you want the arrangement of your inbox to look like. right from the classic view of the Gmail email, Google has introduced to us the grouping of our inbox in form 3 major partitions which includes “Primary, social and promotions“. On the new look, Google email has given us the chance to choose which one comes first. the take advantage of the options, follow the steps below:

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On your Gmail dashboard, click on the gear icon, select “configure inbox“, select and set it as you want by picking the options from the left side of the pop-up.


How to set up Gmail email themes

If you have all the time you can move further to beautify your Google email box, to change the default Gmail look from white to something more colorful and advanced, you will have to change the theme, to do this simply follow the steps below

On Your Gmail interface, click on the gear icon, select theme, when the pop up come on, you can see as many themes as possible to chose from, chose any of your preference to beautify the looks of your dashboard.

How To Use Your Picture As Your Theme on Gmail

To use your picture as your theme on gmail email, login to your gmail email dashboard, click on the gear icon, select theme, below the pop up, you will see my photos, click on it, select any of your photo you want to use as theme and save, if you notice that you dont have your photos to select from, that means you have not been active on your google+ social media, you will have to login/ switch to your google+, upload some photos, then come back to the gmail interface and select the picture to use as your theme. If you are lost, ask your question using the disqus comment box below.

How To Use Your Picture As Your Theme on Gmail

Use Customized Address (@company as your email)

This is a premium feature by Gmail, it allows you to pay a token to access this feature. If you are a company, and you don’t own a website (you can contact us to create an official website for you now)and you still want your email to end with your company name (eg. instead of setting your email to be like ”, the premium feature will allow you to end your email with

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To carry out this setting, click on the gear icon, click on the customized address it will open on a new tab, follow the instructions and start configuring your email.


Get Add-Ons or G Suite Marketplace

google add-ons or google G suite Marketplace is a feature which allows you to add extra functionalities to your email, functions like email receipt or tracking of email is handled by add-ons. (Some of the add-ons on g suite pricing are premium)

to access this add-on or google G suite marketplace, click on the gear icon, select add-ons the G Suite marketplace pops up, choose from the list of add-ons on the G suite marketplace to more lovely functionalities to your email.

If you are wondering what is G Suite, on our upcoming, you will find out.

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