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How To Sign Up On Vero Social Media | Download Vero App

How To Sign Up On Vero Social Media

How To Sign Up On Vero Social Media | Download Vero App


How To Sign Up On Vero Social Media

Vero (Italian) which mean TRUE is referred to as “True Social Media Network” is simply an anti-facebook. It is a social media that has no web version and it has been designed to be accepting payment on sign up, in other to check spam and advertisement. At the time of this post, you can Download Vero Here, and sign up for free.

Vero is a social media app, that currently has only Android and IOS version. Vero has advertised itself as an Instagram killer, promising people a new and improved social media experience. the biggest selling point is a completely chronological feed, which a lot of people have been wanting back ever since Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter changed their algorithms.

How To Sign Up For Vero Social Media

To sign up on Vero, simply go to Apple Store for IOs users and google play store for Android users and download the Vero App.

On installation, the app asks you for your number (just like whats app) used for authentication. Vero suggests that the reason for obtaining your phone number is to authenticate and to connect you to your friends.


Who is Behind Vero

Vero is headed by three co-founders, Ayman Hariri, Motaz Nabulsi, and Scott Birnbaum. Birnbaum and Hariri are both also the COO and CEO, respectively. The C-level team is completed by TJ Marbois and Alistair Stiegmann.

14 product engineers make up the bulk of the team, which makes sense considering the need for a robust technical foundation to run an app that hosts a lot of content. Three UI/UX designers and a customer support employee round off the team of 23 people.

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