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Are You A Gamer? See How To Use Windows 10 Microsoft Store

Are You A Gamer? See How To Use Windows 10 Microsoft Store

We are going to talk about how to use Windows 10 app store which offers powerful apps and games based on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). The Windows 10 apps store which is officially known as the Microsoft Store is really nice due to its use of UWP, this has done a great deal for game developers because they create all this through a single code base for several different endpoints.

How To Manage Your Game Gallery In Xbox App

Managing your game gallery is not an easy as it seems because of its limitations. Though all installed games in your PC shows in the Xbox app but the problem is there’s no way to manage, uninstall or even update it, neither can you view your purchased titles there. This is really a big problem, there’s still a solution and its by using a combination of the Start Menu, the Xbox app and the Microsoft Store app, that’s the only way you can manage your games.

Purchasing/Buying of Games

There are steps to achieve this, kindly follow them carefully and you will achieve this. I believe you wont want to make mistake at this level, cos it has got to do with money and getting new games.

1. First you need to open Microsoft Store, this can simply be achieved by typing “Microsoft Store” into the Start Menu.

2. Since the Microsoft Store has been opened, the next thing is to take a look at the top left and click on the search box to search for the game you want to purchase. If you don’t have any game in mind simply click on GAMES option and browse through the list of games.

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3. When you select the game you want, click on Buy

4. After the buying process is completed, download and install the game.

How To Find Your Purchased Games

1. As usual, you have to open the Microsoft Store by using the Start Menu just like we did in step 1 of previous subtopic.

2. Take a look at the top right side and select the dots.

3. Select Library option.

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How To View Your Downloads And Also Update Game

1. First open the Microsoft store to view installed titles.

2. At the top right corner of your screen click on dots to view the menu.

3. There’s an option named Downloads and Updates in the menu, click on it.

4. Finally, select Get Updates to check if the selected game has an update waiting on the line.

How To Find, Launch and Uninstall a Game in Microsoft Store

1.  Click on the Start Menu and type the name of the game.

2. Take your cursor to the result of your search and right click on it, this would also pull up a menu which would show you option of pinning or uninstalling the game or app.

3. Left click on the result to launch the game.

Note: For easier way to launch your Windows 10 Microsoft Store, after typing it in the Start Menu right click on it and pin to your Taskbar to make you have an easy access to it. Remember to share this post with your friends.

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Hope you understand and find the topic Are You A Gamer? See How To Use Windows 10 Microsoft Store, helpful.

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