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How To Run An Instagram Advertising Campaign – Sponsored Ads

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We are discussing the topic: How To Run An Instagram Advertising Campaign – Sponsored Ads


Running an Instagram advertising campaign is very important especially when you want to grow your business or brand. With more than 150 million users and with more than half the total number of registered users being active, it’s really the right place to advertise your business. It’s not really about the much number of people there but the high level of engagement which so many reports have revealed.

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Inability To Add Link

There’s something to be aware of when you want to sponsor an ad on Instagram, it uses Facebook advertising platform. Ranging from creation, budgeting to scheduling is done on Facebook. Instagram has a huge limitation, which is the inability to add a clickable link to your post, the only possible place to add a link in the bio part, which means you can only change the link in the bio one at a time.

The link in bio also works well for brands and companies but there’s something more exciting when you want to run an ad on Instagram, you can add your website link in the ad.

Former Way To Advertise On Instagram

There’s a former way to run an ad on Instagram and that’s Sponsored Post. During that time you negotiate with Instagram influencers and they will promote your brand. The problem here is it’s often expensive, it’s not trustworthy because they may not deliver and lastly its targeting is limited.

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How To Buy Instagram Ad

From ending of 2015, it became possible to create Instagram ads but through Facebook advertising platform. This official way of running an ad made it very easier, better price and also better-targeting capability. There are different types of ads to buy, see below;

  • Stories Ads: It involves running an ad on  Instagram stories.
  • Photo Ads: It involves using a photo that contains the information you want the public to be aware of, which can be in square or landscape format.
  • Video Ads: Just as in Photo Ads, the video is usually in landscape or square shape and its length can be up to 60 seconds.
  • Carousel Ads: This is like the Photo Ads too but in this case, it involves more than one photo which people can swipe.

Campaign Objective

This stage is very important to the success of your ad. The question in your mind should be what is the objective of your advert. The points we want you to take into consideration here are listed below;

  • Awareness: If your ad is based on creating awareness or getting people to know about your brand, then reaching more people should be the mission.
  • Conversion: The focus here are many, they include; Mobile app installs, Website conversions, Engagements on your mobile app and much more.
  • Consideration: Getting potential customers to learn about your products through website clicks, reach and frequency.

How Much To Advertise On Instagram

There’s no specific amount of money to spend on Instagram it all depends on your budget. Preferably it’s better to run an ad with a high amount of money to have a nice return.

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How To Run An Instagram Ad

Finally, we have come to the last part of what we are here for, Creating an Instagram ad, here we go;

a. Link Your Facebook Page With Your Instagram Account

When you link your Facebook page and your Instagram account then you must have taken the first bold step to achieve this.

i. Click on settings on your Facebook page.

ii. Look at the left side of your page and click on Instagram.

iii. Next, click on login and follow the instructions, the good news is you can login immediately or create a new one at this point.

Instagram Advertising Campaign

b. Create a Campaign

We have crossed the first step of linking your Facebook page to your Instagram account, the next step is to create a campaign. Go to Facebook Ads Manager to kick off with your campaign but you can also use Facebook Power Editor.

Click on create that is located on the left upper side of your screen. Then choose your campaign objective depending on what you have in mind like I explained earlier.

c. Ad Set up 

Setting up your ad is essential to your success, at this point you choose the location, age, and gender you want your ad to reach. Other options there include the interest and language. The next step after this is to select your ad placement where you get to see the option of running the campaign on Facebook,  Instagram, and Messenger. Like I stated earlier its always good to consider the money you have before deciding how much you wish to budget in running an ad. When you have completed all the processes above click on Continue in the right bottom of your screen and the next thing will be to select your ad format.

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Please be aware that the Canvas format is not supported by Instagram. Scroll down to upload your picture or video, scroll further down to add your text. Lastly, just by the side of the area, you added your text, there’s a preview option where you can view how your ad will look like before kicking off the campaign officially.

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