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Instagram Beta: Free Download On Apple ios, Windows Phone And Android apk 2019

Instagram Beta: How to become and Instagram tester

Instagram beta: Free Download On Apple ios, Windows Phone And Android apk 2019

The picture and video sharing social media acquired and managed by the biggest social media Facebook have released the Instagram beta for download, installation, and test running on your Apple ios, windows phone, and android apk. The interested user who wishes to serve as a lab rat for the developers of Instagram can download the app via the steps we are going to introduce to you underneath this article.

Beta apps are usually the unofficial version of apps which are still undergoing some development stages, the Beta app is the version released to developers to test for bugs and send feedback to the app developer for correction. never the less, the Instagram developer has made Instagram beta open for the public to be part of the testers.

Instagram beta is the pre-released version of Instagram which is available for test runs. The joy of being among the first people to break news is driving us to want to download the beta versions of the app.

If you wish to break the news of all the new features upcoming on IG, you can follow the directions provided below to see how to go about it. But if you are cool to wait and get the surprise. Share this post and subscribe to our news feeds. we will inform you when are where to download the official version once it’s released.

Beta Apple iOs App

Instagram iOS beta app can be found in the apple ios app stores. They are the new apps or new versions of the app that are still on a test mode. The developers of Instagram iOS apps may want to get peoples of opinion on upcoming features of the app, the beta version will be released on iOS beta app page, Interested user can sign up to download and test the app’s features and send feedback to the developer.

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This feedback will help them to debug and issues detected by the beta app tester. You can follow the steps below to join whats app beta group for apple ios.

How To Get Beta Apps ios

  • How to Download Instagram Beta for iOS Devices If you love to be among the first to test new updates of app features, you can easily download the Beta app for your device.
  • To do so, you have to: Click SIGN UP on the Apple Beta page and register with your Apple ID
  • Login to the Beta Software Program
  • Click ENROLL YOUR IOS DEVICE Go to beta.app.Com/prole on your iOS device
  • Download and install the configuration prole Your beta version will be available in your SETTINGS under GENERAL

Android Beta App

Whenever we talk about android, smart mobile phones come into our head. An android operating system is one of the leading OS in mobile or handheld devices, and the OS is owned by Google. Android beta apps are the unofficial or initial android apps like Instagram beta, what’s app beta, google play store beta, etc that can before found in Google play store. All the apps you see when you browse google play store can have beta apps, it all depends on the app developer if her makes the beta app public or not.

How To Get Instagram Beta Apps Android

  • How to Download Beta apps on your Android Device Betas are usually for software developers, but some app has opened opp for public users to indulge in their app testing versions.
  • To download this app for your android device simply: Joining the Beta Testers Google group using your Google Email address.
  • Tap BECOME A TESTER in the Google store.
  • Download the beta app from the Google play store to update your normal live one to the Beta app.
  • Turn on automatic updates to enable frequent updates of the app. It happens multiple times a week.
  • You can then submit feedback through REPORT A PROBLEM option
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Instagram featured discovered from Instagram Beta

  1. New Instagram Stories Camera: a revamped camera design and new camera mode called “Create Mode.” will be introduced.
  2. Integration of facebook messenger and Instagram message: Facebook is trying to merge the Instagram messenger with facebook messenger, this is one of the trending feature discovered by the Instagram beta tester.
  3. Fundraiser: The facebook Fundraiser which I discussed HERE seem to have made a success and it will be inculcated on Instagram. It is a feature that enables people to raise money for various reasons which may include: charity, birthday, etc.
  4. Marketplace: Marketplace is one of the most successful new features of facebook. It is a shop feature that enables its users to buy and sell to each other nearby on facebook, the Instagram beta has shown that it is one of the upcoming features to expect on Facebook.
  5. Hiding Like Counts: Instagram beta leak has shown that FB is trying to include a feature that allows users to hide Instagram like counts on their post.
  6. Flight Mode: the Away Mode is among the beta Instagram feature that is being introduced to fight an online bully.


This post has successfully introduced Instagram beta and has shown you how to become an Instagram beta tester using any of the devices which you prefer. You can now go ahead and join the list of news breaker, but remember its at your own risk.

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