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How To Take Instagram Screenshots without Notifying the Person

ig screenshot treak

We are discussing the topic: How To Take Instagram Screenshots without Notifying the Person, Instagram screenshot without notification


ig screenshot treak

How to take screenshot on Instagram story anonymously, How To Take Instagram Screen Shots without Notifying the Person

Whichever way you put it, the picture story social media Instagram owned by the social media king Facebook is really making the app more interesting.

Since Facebook took over the Instagram app, they have been working tirelessly to keep the running and attractive. Many addictive features have been introduced to the app, among it all is the amazing feature that allows making money while using IG. (Don’t give me this wow face, click here to find how to make money from your Instagram.)

The new or latest upgrade in 2018 has revealed a distinct feature which is in form of screenshot notification. Its no more new to social media user that, Most of the social media sites like Badoo has the ability to tell each user when someone views there profile.

Instagram has moved pass profile view notification to screenshot notification. instagram has been built in a way that you cannot save pictures shared by the user, rather you are allowed to share or repost the picture on your timeline.

To overcome this embarrassment, people have devised a means to save the pictures using third-party apps and screenshot apps too.

On the recent update of the app, Facebook decided to add a feature which is unique to the Instagram user, which says – if you must steal my photos, don’t do it without notifying me.

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What happens when you take screenshots on Instagram

When you take a screen on a story on Instagram, you will receive a first time warning which reads: “Next time you take a screenshot or screen recording, the person who posted the story will be able to see.”

From then on, if you screenshot a Story, the person who posted it will see a notification on your name at the list of viewers with sunburst symbol.


As the innovators grow wise the app users get smarter. We took a tour of the new features and we found out ways you can maneuver the screenshot Notification.

Below are a but a few steps which are optionable the time of this post.

  • Put your phone in Airplane mode: The most interesting smart way to go over this screenshot embarrassment is by Putting your phone in airplane mode. It will let you take screenshots without the other user knowing.
  • Using The Web version of IG: Watching Instagram Stories on a desktop computer will allow you to take stealthy screenshots without the person knowing.


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