Instagram about to become the new Facebook

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instagram to become facebook

Instagram is about to become the new Facebook. Statistics has shown a decline in Facebook users especially in the ages of 12 to 34 years of age. This has led the company to start transferring most of its features to its other social media website. Facebook has faced a lot of scandals also and the only solution they want to follow is to recreate some features in their other scandal free younger website.

Instagram has been developing quickly, maybe as individuals incline toward its less complex, specific concentration over Facebook’s maximalist everything stage that blends in a whirlwind of life refreshes, articles, birthday warnings, and so forth. Instagram, a solitary, durable stream of photographs and videos. With time this has continued to change, given a bunch of declarations at the organization’s F8 developer gathering today, the change seems to get speed.

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In 2012, Instagram was acquired by Facebook and since then they have transferred many features such as video, tagging, albums, advertising, and private messaging. Some new features include Donation stickers, which allow users to raise money for charity through stories, also users could begin purchasing items from specific brands legitimately on the application through shopping labels just like Facebook Shop Now.

The only feature still very active which is Facebook group haven’t arrived yet on Instagram but we believe with time it will. In the past, market research firm Edison Research stated that Facebook’s users in the US has reduced by 15 million people since 2017.

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