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Best 5 Instant Loan Mobile Apps (No Collate) 2019

Instant Loan Mobile Apps

Top 10 Instant Loan Mobile Apps (No Collate) 2019

Instant Loan Mobile Apps

Mobile phone apps to access instant loan

In our last post, itechflake has taken a brief time out to outline 5 reliable instant loan websites where you can get access to quick loans (in less than 2 hours) without any paper works or collateral.

On this post we have decided to outline the mobile phone app, you can download into your smart android or iPhone which enable you to get access to small loans to carter for your emergencies.

The Economy of the country has gone so badly that the people no longer borrow money to friends and even families, to save yourself from starvation and shame, you can consider downloading these credit apps listed below to borrow money and make repayments as at when due.

List Of Instant Loan Mobile Apps to get a loan online

Top 10 Instant Loan Mobile Apps

The apps are listed at random order not based on priority.


Branch is an amazing and smart app which is ideal for borrowing instant money. My experience with the app has been amazing and the branch is programmed in such a way that  it can automatically analyze your account to determine your financial strength, provide you with an amount which you will be able to repay, and if loan is requested, it can disburse the loan instantly into the account you provided on registration.

The amount you can borrow depends on your financial strength which increases as the app gain more trust with you when you repay your loans at the right time. You can give Branch a try today, visit their official website for FAQ and Branch app download.

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Click to Read complete Branch review


Pay later is another amazing smart app that doses its analysis automatically and disburses loan straight to your account without any paper works and collateral.

Pay later instant loan app has similar features as branch, but the unique thing is that Payletter do not disturb you when you exceed the loan repayment duration, but remember that your credit trust with app is being jeopardized and the app is program in such a way that it will begin to lose trust on you and possibly limit or refuse to give loan for a period of time.

Payleter has a good percentage interest and a kind heart in repayment duration. Visit for download and FAQ answers.


Palmcredit pride their self with getting a loan with just 3 easy steps, register, get approved and disbursement to your bank account. All these processes should take less than 5 munites. They are capable of borrowing up to N100,000.

They have wonderful customer care service which is available 24/7 and they can be understood you could not meet up with the loan repay as at when due.

To download, click here to enjoy the services of Palmcredit.


Fairmoney lets you remain in control of your finances, apply for credit on the go 24/7. Apply for up to ₦150,000. No paperwork, collateral or documents needed.+ They provide a credit decision in seconds! Spread repayments in multiple installments for more flexibility and ease. Get rewards such as access to higher amounts of money or discounts when repayments are made on time.

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For download and FAQ pls visit

Aella Credit

Aella Credit is its an instant loan app that gives an unsecured loan to its user, Loan without collateral or paper works.

Aella Credit makes it easy for employees in our network to access cash at the most competitive rates anytime, anywhere. Our application requires only your Name and employee ID number.

Receive your loan straight to your Bank Account in 2 minutes or less. Get your company to sign up now and download the app. It will change the way you borrow.

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QuickCheck Loan App

QuickCheck Loan App offers financial assistance to individuals who need extra money to sort out their emergencies with just your Facebook user logins.

QUICKCHECK Nigeria understands that you can need cash at any time. Whether it’s Medical bills, School fees, Payday advance or unexpected cash problems, QuickCheck has got your back when it comes to getting small quick loans in Nigeria.

Read complete review about quickcheck loan app HERE


This is what we have tested for now and this post will be updated as we test more instant apps for a loan. If you have any other mobile phone apps which you have tested and they worth your recommendation, please use the comment system to recommend it.

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