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iPhone may end WhatsApp reign

iphone may end whatsapp

iphone may end whatsapp

For many years now Whatsapp has been on top in the chatting world. Before now iPhone has iMessage which is known as their default message platform but this lacks many features that are present in Whatsapp which makes this app inconsequential.

Reports from Bloomberg has shown that Apple is planning on adding many features of Whatsapp to iMmessage. This they will achieve by making some changes in their iOS. Every one of the highlights may not be talked about in one report, however, one significant thing is that is expected, iPhone enables clients to set a profile picture and show name. This is as of now present in WhatsApp, however iMessage doesn’t have it.

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The choice of Apple comes in the setting of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s comment a year ago that Apple’s iMessage is the principle rivalry for WhatsApp via web-based networking media. He established his announcement by citing the way that Apple packages the iMessage as the default content application it’s still ahead.

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