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What You Don’t Know About the iPhone XR

iPhone XR

What are the iPhone XR features and specifications?

Like every other device or smartphone, iPhone XR has its positive and negative phone specifications but what you should consider before buying it is to look out for the one that meets your specific need for purchasing a phone.

What You Don't Know About the iPhone XR


iPhone XS and XS Max came out just recently and now iPhone XR is here with us within a short time. Pronounced as ten-R came with some goodies than its predecessors but you will agree with me that the XS and XS Max are also good and powerful phones with their own features but for now, we are here to talk about the latest one from Apple.

The iPhone XR is now available with a price of $750 which is cheaper than XS and XS Max having a price tag of $1000 and above. We will have a summary of the good and bad side of the mobile device.

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What You Don’t Know About the iPhone XR

Positive side

  • Simple software and easy to understand
  • Beautiful design
  • High performance
  • Long lasting battery
  • Good camera

Negative side

  • Screen resolution not too good
  • Limited portrait mode

iPhone XR Description

The device comes in many colors which are red, blue, yellow, coral, black and white, I guess this is the first time we are going to see an iPhone in several colors since the time of iPhone 5c. For the material used in making the physical part of the phone, the edges are made of aluminum unlike the iPhone X and XS Max that’s made of stainless steel.

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People keep saying it looks like the iPhone 8 and that’s true especially with its single-camera lens and also like the iPhone X in design from the front. The XR has a 6.1-inch Led screen with 1,792 x 828 resolution and that’s a massive one for lovers of big screens. The display is known as the Liquid Retina Display as Apple stated but the screen resolution is low. With such a screen size it can be stated that it’s located in-between the iPhone X and XS Max which has a 6.5-inch screen.

What You Don't Know About the iPhone XR


Performance of iPhone XR

When it comes to performance the iPhone XR is really great, it has the  A12 Bionic chipset and a 3GB RAM. The Hexa-core (2x Vortex + 4x Tempest) processor and the Apple GPU (4-core graphics) makes it stand above any Android phone but a little below iPhone XS and XS Max.

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iPhone XR comes with a Non-removable Li-Ion 2942 mAh battery and can take you through a whole day. From research carried out on it lasted till evening after playing games, browsing the web, taking pictures and many other things but only came down to 50 percent.


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