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Job Posting On Facebook Near Me

Job Posting On Facebook Near Me

Job Posting On Facebook Near Me is something very important to learn how to do while posting jobs or vacancies on Facebook. The new job posting feature on Facebook has helped both employers to post job vacancies and enable the employee to locate the vacancies and take advantage of it.

Facebook artificial intelligent feature has made a job posting more interesting and easier to manage. An employer can advertise job vacancies online and his job will attract people who are near to the city where the vacancy is open and they can apply for it.

There are other websites such as Craigslist, Oodle Marketplace, and others who are into job listing but the facebook is taking advantage of its massive number of users to steal the job listing market from these existing ones.

The most interesting feature of Facebook job posting is that when you are done post, it automatically attracts people who are nearby to apply for the job.

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  • Posting of a job the right way on Facebook helps you to find workers as soon as possible
  • It Also helps you to find job seekers who are close to your work location
  • It saves both employer and employee time and money.

How To Create Job Posting On Facebook Near Me

If you have a job vacancy which you wish to advertise and get working within your locals, here is how you can archive that on Facebook.

  • Login to your facebook account
  • Open your business page (If you don’t have business click HERE)
  • Scroll down to locate JOB and click on it. Or you can just click HERE to go straight to the job creation page.
  • Add the name of the position in the Job Title field. This will be shown underneath the photo used for the job listing.
  • Next, add the address of your business.
  • Add the salary section. Adding a pay rate or salary is optional, You can post a range of pay and also can choose between by hour, day, week, month or year. 
  • Job type choices are part-time, full-time, internship, volunteer, and contract.
  •  write your job description. Your job descriptions will show up at the top of your job listing post, above your job post image.
  • you can add up to 3 additional questions. These questions are optional and can be open-ended, yes or no, or multiple choice. 
  • choose the cover photo for the Page or to upload a photo for your job listing, and to give you the opportunity to include an email address for the application. 
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Once you have completed the job posting on the Facebook business page, you’ll notice a Manage Jobs tab along your Facebook Business Page’s navigation bar. Click on that tab to access all current and past received job applications.

How to find a job near me on facebook

To find a job near me on Facebook, On the search bar, type the job type and position you are looking for hit enter, the search result will automatically bring to your job vacancies related your search which is available near you.

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