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Jooble is one the best Job search website, which provides you with the most lucrative and selective job vacancies. It uses a program which helps it to sort jobs from all the job sites and companies online and it removes the job that appeared on so many sites and presents it as one.

What is Jooble

In simple words, Jooble is a job search engine created for a single purpose: to help you find the job of your dream.

According to TechCrunch, the said that Jooble makes finding a job in the third world or developing countries easier and faster.

What to do when looking for a new job in tech

Who is behind Jooble

Jooble was first introduced at Disrupt’s hackathon in London in 2016 and that was built using the Python programming language and which uses Twilio’s SMS API.

The jooble idea was motivated by a London student who came from Bolivia his name is Gutierrez. He tried to provide a useful app like Jooble would be for people living in the countryside and eager to connect with agriculture-related and other jobs near to them.

Jooble was designed by computer science students Vojta Petrus, Marcelo Gutierrez, and Peter Javorki.

Is Jooble A Scam?

Report according to Trustpilot states “Representatives of this company contact bloggers and site owner with a proposal to put a link to their site, for this they offer to place your banner on their website and show it at least 600k times. When the link posted, you never receive traffic from and they claim you need to wait up to 1 month to get some views, which is obviously won’t ever happen. So be careful, it’s a scam!”

Based on the above report, one of my top ranking sites has received such collaboration offer, which we accepted on the bases that I need backlinks from authoritative websites and not for the traffic they promise.



The bottom line of it all is that Jooble is a search engeen with a difference, they help you to find a job close to you.

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