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List Of Facebook Tools For Bloggers

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List Of Facebook Tools For Bloggers

Blogging has become the most lucrative online business, once you do it right you will start making cool money out of your articles which you have written for public consumptions.

Base on research one of the key tool to having a successful blog is social media. Social play a lot of big row in getting traffic to our blogs and that traffic are converted money, Thanks to Google Adsense and other ads networks.

Two giant social media that exist on the internet are Facebook and Twitter. Both of them has the greater number of active users, but Facebook has more tools to help promote your business and blog. on this topic, we are going to look at those tools that will help us become a successful bloggers.

List Of Facebook Tools For Bloggers

How To Delete Facebook Page:

The steps in how to delete Facebook page is different because of different apps or computers we use in making this a reality. Bear this in mind, for you delete a Facebook page you must be an admin of that page if not you won’t have access to such. The journey of deleting your Facebook page starts with going to the settings of that page.

The second thing to put in mind is that once you delete a page all the updates, engagements and Likes will all be gone, so please make sure you have no need of that page anymore before embarking on such journey. We are going to discuss how to delete a Facebook page from your Android phone, iPhone, PC or Mac. Read full details HERE.

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How To Get Thousands Of Facebook Likes Easily On Your Page:

Getting thousands of Facebook Likes on your page is something important you should take note of especially your business page. The positive impact it adds to your business is highly commendable, particularly in terms of exposure that is getting people to know about whatever you want the public to be aware of. Before continuing with this write up don’t underestimate the power of Likes on your page, it can lead you to a successful height. Meanwhile click to Like itechflake facebook fan page now. Read more detail here

How To Drive Traffic To Your Facebook Page:

Knowing how to drive traffic to your Facebook page is important for the growth of whatever you share on that page. With more than 500 million active members, it has turned out to be a place you have to take very seriously for any type of business you want to grow. Getting your business in front of the large audience starts with your Facebook page. Read full detail HERE

How To Run An Instagram Advertising Campaign – Sponsored Ads:

Running an Instagram advertising campaign is very important especially when you want to grow your business or brand. With more than 700 million users and with more than half the total number of registered users being active, it’s really the right place to advertise your business. It’s not really about the much number of people there but the high level of engagement which so many reports have revealed. Read full detail here.

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How To Make Use Of Facebook Pages Manager App:

The question in our mind is what is Facebook Business Manager? and also how do you use the Facebook pages manager app. We are going to take them step by step. Facebook pages manager app is a nice app which enables you to manages all your pages with ease without having to be clicking from one page to another searching for any of your pages to update. The sole aim of the app is to make page admins manage all their pages in one place. Read full detail Here.

Post from Facebook to Twitter:

The last post we talked about how to link from twitter to facebook and share the post to your facebook from twitter, today we will be discussing how to link to twitter from facebook and post to twitter from facebook.

If you are conversant with facebook, and prefer to make most of your post on Facebook and at the same time, wants your followers on Twitter to read the same post, thereby using one stone to kill one bed, this post how to post on twitter from facebook will teach all the processes of how to go about it. Read Full detail Here.

Download And Set up of Facebook Ads Manager Account:

When you run an ad on Facebook you need to know how to set up your Facebook ads manager account to enable you to monitor how it’s performing. The question is what is a Facebook ad manager? It’s a tool that is used to create and manage your ads. This app does a lot of useful things to its users such as; Continue reading HERE

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How to Control Who Sees Your Facebook Posts:

Recently my mum sent me a request on facebook, and my heart fell into my stomach..lol. If you are a facebook freak who do post lost of naughty stuff and you don’t want your parents or some close friends to see or hear about, this post will be of a great tool in keeping your ass clean and maintaining your crazy social media life.

Apart from using the new Facebook messenger which has given kids under 13 years ability to use Facebook, there are couple ways you can stay private on Facebook. Read more HERE.



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