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Get N5 Million In 5 Minutes With No Collateral | MySpecta Loan Review

myspecta loan review

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myspecta loan review

Is it possible to get a quick loan in Nigeria with no collateral? says yes it is. With Specta, customers do not need collaterals or paperwork to get any loans. Specta is a platform from Sterling Bank Plc. Good news is that Specta understands that salary alone is not enough to meet our dreams they have agreed to provide a support. The bad news is that you must work for an organization to be profiled on Specta for now. This could change soon.(According to a statement on the FAQ )

Nigeria is moving with great speed to upgrading the economy of the country. They have come to understand that country need the entrepreneur to raise their economy and those entrepreneurs are greatly hindered by lack of finance. mySpecta has come to provide a solution to this problem.

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Specta is an online lending platform that offers loans not more than N5,000,000 to individuals. Their goal is to create a simple, convenient, and personalized experience for their customers. specta use proprietary data and analytics to review applications and provide approved applicants with loans.

With Specta, customers do not need collaterals or paperwork to get any loans. Once the application is complete, scoring is instant and disbursement done in less than 5 Minutes.

Specta is a platform from Sterling Bank Plc.

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Specta Offer Loan for the following

Quick Loans for Personal Use

Life comes with different situations where unexpected or needed expenses may arise and exceed your income and savings.

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Personal loans can fill the financial gap. They can be used to cover medical bills, make some home improvements, give your business a little boost, take a much-needed vacation, pay for a training to become more competitive for a promotion or even take care of fees.

These loans can be used for anything and if you need money right now Click HERE.

Manage Overwhelming Wedding Cost

Many men are going to 40 years with a wife, which is not supposed to be so, blam it on finance.

Planning a wedding is exciting, the coming together of two families and the celebration of love is an event of joy for all at least until the cost becomes overwhelming. You can use Specta to finance your big day.

Pay for medical Expense

Medical financing is created to provide you with an easy and convenient way to pay for medical expenses. Some of these medical expenses are planned for while others are emergencies which cannot be ignored. With funds already running out or dedicated to other important needs, Specta can assist to ensure your health or that of loved ones are taken care of.

Reasons you may need medical financing:
Dental Care
Infertility Treatment
In-vitro fertilization
Cancer Care and more.

To Obtain Healthcare load click here

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Holidays can be more exciting

Everyone needs a holiday, whether calendar induced or not, you need a break. Sometimes, you need to leave the environment you are in to get the much-needed rest, but funds can sometimes run low or might have been used for what was more pressing.

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A holiday loan can help ensure you get the rest you deserve, see family and friends that you miss dearly and ensure holiday gifts are sorted. It can also help to pay for travel, hotel booking, gifts, or even a party for family and friends.

Quick Upfront Cash

The owner of your house has become a thorn in your flesh because your rent has expired, every time you hear a knock on your door, you hide under the bed and as your son to go check who on the this act can make you die young. Specta says you should come and take the money and settle your landlord before to die of high BP.

Rent can be a very difficult bill to pay when money is tight and sometimes, the deadline can creep up on you. Sometimes, we make enough money to afford rent but find that we cannot meet the high upfront cash requirement.

Specta’s Rent Finance helps you get the cash you need to ensure your bill is paid, giving you the ability to pay back at your own pace.

Payday Loans

With our ever-growing needs and the tougher economy, we all know that our salaries might not sustain us until exactly a month later. Sometimes, you need to get your salary now to ensure you sort out that pending need. With Specta’s Payday Loan, you do not have to wait.

A Payday Loan is a salary-based short-term loan which you access to a percentage of your net monthly salary in advance. The duration of the loan is the difference between a Payday Loan and a Personal Loan.

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How To Repay The loan

Payment can only be deducted from your monthly salary on the salary payment due date.

You cannot defer a payment.

You can pay off your loan at any time prior to the due date without a prepayment fee

To learn more about this loan click HERE

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